The Support System During Alcohol and Drug Treatment

How a Support System During Alcohol and Drug Treatment Can Help

Addiction recovery is often seen as a process for only the recovery addict to have to go through. In reality, all loved ones of a person enrolled into drug treatment are affected by his or her addiction. Implementing loved ones into drug treatment is a good way to make the focus of rehab not only about abstaining use but also about rebuilding relationships and support systems. A trusted support system can help a person recovering from alcohol or drug addiction by meeting their needs, offering compassion, and helping to prevent the dangers of relapse.

Lack of Support in Drug Treatment

Many individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol in recovery will find that they have no support system. Since drugs cause isolation, a recovering addict may feel that no one relates to them in return feeling alone. Negative behaviors brought on by addiction can damage relationships to the point of no return, leaving some addicts with no one to sympathize or understand them. When a recovering individual has no support group throughout treatment, it is important for that person to learn to accept and embrace love from others so that a support system can be developed. Once the recovering addict can learn to accept love from others, a support system can bloom and be implemented into the addiction recovery healing process.

For those that have family and friends that have personal investments into their addiction drug treatment, it is effective to implement the support system into treatment with therapy sessions. When support is apparent and can be involved in drug treatment, there is more chance of long-term recovery success and less chance of immediate relapse for the addict.

Benefits of a Strong Support System in Alcohol or Drug Treatment

  • Strong support systems can relieve stress during tense moments of alcohol and drug treatment. Support during these times is essential since it is during these moments a recovering addict is most likely to revert to past behaviors and use drugs or alcohol.
  • Self-confidence is needed during alcohol and drug treatment to remain motivated and focused. A strong support system will show kindness and compassion to the recovering addict, increasing self-esteem.
  • Tough love provided by support systems is a great way to address something a recovering individual might not want to hear but is necessary for growth.
  • Friends and family members can provide support in situations that evoke social anxiety, which could have been a cause for self-medication that led to addiction.

Finding Alcohol and Drug Treatment that Implements Support

Wellness Retreat Recovery Center understands the importance of a support system during alcohol and drug treatment, which is why we implement family and friends into addiction recovery. We provide a family recovery program specifically designed for the education and therapy of the families and loved ones of those struggling with addiction, along with the addicts themselves.

If you wish to get rid of addiction in your life, paired with the strength and guidance of your support system, feel free to browse our program services that we offer at our Northern California alcohol rehab facility. If you have any questions or are ready for treatment today, please call us for a confidential conversation with a professional recovery team member at 1-888-738-0692.