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Outpatient Treatment

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Drug Detox

Drug and Alcohol Detox We understand how scary the prospect of drug and alcohol detox can be - many of us firsthand. Clients at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center have no need to fear detox. Our clients detox in comfort and safety, with dignity and in...

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Inpatient residential rehab is the best decision a person who is struggling with addiction can make. It allows you to take time away from the craziness of everyday life to focus on yourself and become sober. Wellness Retreat Recovery has created a comfortable, beautiful, and...

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Addiction Therapy

In treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery, alcohol and drug addiction therapy is a core part of the process. During a regular day at treatment, our clients go through many hours of different kinds of therapy to address addiction issues from different angles. Our therapy sessions...

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Family Recovery

Addiction is a family disease and at Wellness Retreat Recovery we treat it as such. Every family member and loved one has access to our doctors and therapists as part of our family recovery program. We like to stress the importance of families being involved...

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We provide each of our patients with a comprehensive treatment plan for their care after discharge. Recovery is an ongoing battle and the more time and effort you put into it, the better chance you will have in maintaining sobriety for a long time. Aftercare...

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At the Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we are proud to introduce the SoulWomb, a new immersive sound meditation experience, for all of our clients.

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While each of these programs has been scientifically proven to be important aids in the recovery from substance addiction, they may yield different effects for different individuals. That’s why Wellness Retreat Recovery Center tailors these programs and other services to the individual needs of each of our clients. Our team of partner medical professionals and treatment staff will work with you personally to ensure that your recovery is kept on track and remains effective to the fullest possible extent through to your discharge from the facility.

These programs are highly effective separately, but they are even more so when used in conjunction during the recovery process. Continued addiction therapy following drug detox greatly enhances your chance at long term sobriety. In addiction therapy you will work with professionals to uncover the psychological roots of your addiction once the physical root has been eliminated. Consider the benefits of the programs listed above and how they may influence each other and your progression through sobriety.

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