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San Jose Cocaine Detox

San Jose Cocaine Detox Treatment

Cocaine addiction differs in some ways from dependence on other substances. Although there are fewer physical symptoms of cocaine withdrawal, the psychological and mental aspects of this particular detox make it no less serious than any other withdrawal process. In fact, the symptoms of cocaine detox can be debilitating. For many users, It can prevent normally functionality without assistance from professional staff. Like with any addictive substance, cocaine dependence has the potential to create significant problems in the lives of users and result in a difficult withdrawal process for those who don’t seek professional help.

Cocaine is derived from the coca plant, which is native to regions of South America. Extracts from the plant are heavily processed, mixed with chemicals, and transformed into the drug cocaine. This drug can come in the powdered form or can be further processed to create crack cocaine, a more solid form of cocaine that is commonly smoked. In any form, and by any route of administration, cocaine is extremely dangerous and highly addictive.

People who suffer from cocaine dependence have essentially had the reward system in their brain hijacked. The brain naturally produces neurotransmitters, which act as chemical messages which react with the brain’s receptors. These chemical messages are what’s responsible for the feelings we have and our body’s processes. Dopamine is the chemical in the brain that is responsible for producing the “reward” feeling, i.e. pleasure and joy.

Normally, our brain produces dopamine in response to a delicious meal, a fun outing with a friend, or other such activities. When someone uses cocaine, it causes the brain to flood with dopamine at much greater levels than normal, and the recycling of dopamine stops. This leads to a huge buildup of dopamine in the brain and is responsible for the euphoric effects of cocaine. The problem is that with repeated use of cocaine, the brain becomes dependent on it to feel any positive emotions. The brain becomes unable to produce its own dopamine without the drug, and the dopamine supplies in the brain become depleted. This is commonly known as the “crash” of cocaine use.
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Signs of Cocaine Addiction

For frequent users of the drug, this process can create a cocaine dependence or an addiction. In which, the user is unable to function normally without the use of cocaine or crack cocaine. For people who are dependent on cocaine, getting help to address their addiction is absolutely essential. This is because long-term use of the drug can cause serious physical and mental damage. In fact, cocaine can be fatal even for first-time users. The risks of cocaine can apply even to someone who is trying the drug for the first time. But over long periods of use, these risks increase. They include:

Loss of appetite Increased heart rate Constricted blood vessels
Insomnia Nausea Erratic behavior
Irritability Hallucinations PSychosis
Depression Cravings Seizures
Brain damage Heart attacks Stroke
Liver, kidney, or lung damage Rooth decay Reproductive damage/td>
Addiction Mood disorders Mood swings

Detox for Cocaine Addiction | San Jose, CA | Wellness Retreat Recovery

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

All of the above risks of cocaine use are ample reason for people to seek professional help. In fact, the effects of cocaine dependence can be debilitating for many individuals. Cocaine withdrawal may not be as physically dangerous as some other forms of withdrawal. But the detox process can be uncomfortable and difficult. Symptoms of cocaine detox range from mild to severe, and can include:

Muscle aches Increased hunger Lethargy
Shakiness Body chills Intense cravings
Irritability Restlessness Insomnia
Depression Memory problems Apathy
Anxiety Suicidal thoughts Fatigue


Depending on each individual’s drug history, the amount of cocaine they used and how long they used, underlying conditions, and dual diagnoses, these symptoms can range in severity. However, the psychological aspect of cocaine dependence is arguably the most difficult symptom addicts face. The intensity of cravings combined with the depression and mood disturbances associated with detox from cocaine makes this drug incredibly difficult to quit cold turkey.

In fact, detoxing from cocaine dependence on one’s own at home is rarely successful. This is because the psychological addiction to cocaine and the emotional despair that comes with the detox process often leads to relapse for people in unsupervised environments. People who suffer from cocaine dependence often find themselves returning to the drug when they attempt to self-detox because the mental dependence on the drug (and the depression it creates) often leads them to give in to their cravings.

Detox for Cocaine Addiction | San Jose, CA | Wellness Retreat Recovery

Our Cocaine Detox Program

The best way to ensure successful detox and prevent relapse for people suffering from cocaine dependence is through professional, professionally supervised detox. At Wellness Retreat Recovery, we offer medical detox services in the Bay Area for people with cocaine dependence. This process includes consistent monitoring, physical and mental health care, and individualized treatment plans complete with clinical aftercare recommendations.

Although many of the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are psychological in nature, there may be some discomfort. So, the doctors and nurses at Wellness do provide safe, non-habit-forming medications during detox. We also provide medications to ease other symptoms such as insomnia and irritability. This helps in order to help clients maintain a better frame of mind and healthier daily routine during detox.

Detox for Cocaine Addiction | San Jose, CA | Wellness Retreat Recovery

What Happens after Cocaine Detox?

In addition to detox services, we provide counseling to all patients suffering from cocaine dependence. This is in order to help them work through the difficult emotions of withdrawal. And, the underlying causes of their substance abuse. Simply offering a comfortable detox to patients doesn’t give them the care they need. At Wellness, we take steps to treat underlying physical and mental conditions that contribute to cocaine dependence. And, we offer therapy to all clients with comprehensive aftercare plans following detox. We offer patients long-term residential care following detox so that they can get to the root of their addiction and learn to live without the use of dangerous substances like cocaine. You want the best possible chance for recovery from cocaine dependence. Wellness Retreat Recovery offers a comprehensive detox and treatment plan personalized to fit the needs of each individual client.


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