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San Jose Ketamine Detox Program

First and foremost, before an individual can go through ketamine detox, they must be ready to live a life of recovery. Recovery, although healing, is no walk in the park. Once an individual is sure that they want to rid their lives of this dangerous and debilitating addiction, detox from ketamine can begin.

Detox is basically the exit of a drug from the body’s systems, which is done naturally as the body is not administered any more doses of the drug. Without detox, the process of recovery never starts. Essentially, detox begins hours after the last administered dose of ketamine for long-term users. For the best comfort, safety, and chance for successful recovery outcomes, ketamine users should highly consider choosing a professional detox rather than attempting to detox at home.

San Jose Ketamine Drug Detox Program | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Professional Detox or Cold Turkey?

You may think that choosing to detox from home is your best option, but if you want the best chance to recover safely and effectively, you’ll need to choose a professional detox program to provide for all of your needs. First, detoxing from ketamine and other central nervous system drugs can be highly dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms can slow the heart rate down to a dangerous rate and require crisis intervention from trained professionals. At home, this emergency can turn fatal. With professional detox, every stage of the detox process will be overlooked and supervised by professionals with experience and expertise in the field of detox.

Secondly, detoxing from ketamine can not only be dangerous, but it can be agitating. Withdrawal symptoms occur because once the body begins to adapt to the presence of the drug, changing chemical components to keep up. When the drug is suddenly taken away, the body can’t function the same without the drug present, resulting in withdrawal symptoms. The only thing that helps an individual experiencing withdrawal symptoms detox from home is to relapse and use the drug. But, with professional detox, there are medicinal non-habit forming options to reduce the frequency and severity of agitating withdrawal symptoms.

Finally, while detoxing from home may be successful for some, it is not for most. Professional detox provides you the relief, comfort, safety, and support that detoxing from home simply doesn’t offer. If you are taking your recovery seriously, then you will seriously consider professional ketamine detox for a better chance of a successful long-term recovery.

 San Jose Ketamine Drug Detox Program | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Withdrawal Symptoms of Ketamine Drug Abuse

Symptoms of withdrawal for a long-term or recreational ketamine user will be agitating, but they are not as terrible or even dangerous as other illicit chemicals. However, the detox process may last for several weeks before an individual stops experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may include:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Exhaustion
  • Agitation
  • Mood Swings
  • Cold Sweats
  • Paranoia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Audio hallucinations
  • Increased breathing
  • Nausea

 San Jose Ketamine Drug Detox Program | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

After Ketamine Detox

Because psychological withdrawal symptoms can last years, it’s important to instill coping mechanisms to implement throughout daily life so sobriety can be taken seriously. Most overdose-related deaths happen immediately after detox, so treatment is extremely helpful in relapse prevention. Find out more about our professional detox process and other programs post-detox on our website. You can be free of your addiction to ketamine, and we can help!

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