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Family Therapy for Addiction in San Jose

Family Therapy is a crucial part of addiction recovery at Wellness Retreat Recovery. In addiction treatment, the entire family, which includes everyone close to an addict, needs to heal and needs resources to do so.

  • Individual therapy. It’s important for each person close to an addict to deal with their specific set of issues and confront any situations that have happened in the past. To move forward from addiction, everyone needs to heal, and family members each need to do their own healing on their own. We can help point family members in the right direction for seeking additional help.
  • Group Therapy. We offer families the opportunity to partake in group therapy with other family therapyfamily members of clients going through similar situations. This allows you to see that you are not alone, and to exchange stories and advice with people who are in the same position as you.
  • Sessions with the addict and family. Therapy that involves the addict and family members allows for a safe place to confront issues and come up with solutions under the guidance of a therapist. These can take place in person or over the phone or through secure video chat if the family member’s location does not allow an in-person meeting.

While an addict is in treatment, it is vital for their family to get the help they need too. Wellness Retreat Recovery takes this into account and offers family therapy in San Jose, the best services possible for family members and loved ones of our clients.

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