Holistic Addiction Treatment: Why It Matters & How It Works

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Recovery

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Getting Started with Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic addiction treatment recognizes that addiction is not just a physical problem but a mental, emotional, and spiritual one as well. That’s why, at Wellness Retreat Recovery in the Bay Area, we seek to treat the whole person rather than just the addiction. 


A holistic approach recognizes that addiction is often a symptom of a deeper problem, such as past trauma, mental health issues, or spiritual emptiness. Holistic addiction treatment embraces this philosophy and targets its care to both the body and the mind.

Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs in the Bay Area

If you’re looking for a holistic treatment center that specializes in drug and alcohol rehab, you will find solace at Wellness Retreat Recovery. We offer a wide variety of complementary therapies to improve the effectiveness of our traditional drug and alcohol rehab programs.


Here are some of the holistic addiction treatment therapies that we offer:


Through physical postures, calming breathing exercises, and guided meditation, yoga helps increase mindfulness and self-awareness. Yoga is a staple of our holistic addiction treatment program because it provides you with the opportunity to focus on the present moment rather than ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. Additionally, it promotes relaxation and reduces cravings by lowering stress levels, which are key components in the recovery process.

Art Therapy

Creative release through art-making can be a powerful tool in holistic drug addiction treatment. In addition to providing insight and self-awareness, it also allows you to express your feelings without fear of judgement. This form of expression is especially beneficial for those whose emotions have been suppressed due to trauma or other challenging circumstances. Creative release can also help create a sense of accomplishment and provide motivation for ongoing recovery.

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is a clinically-proven treatment model that can help you in various stages of recovery. Studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in treating various mental issues, such as depression and anxiety, as well as addictions. Our clients who have gone through equine therapy have experienced the benefits of feeling more connected and trusting of others, having more self-confidence, and being better able to express their emotions.


Acupuncture is clinically proven to help with various addictions, including drug abuse and alcohol addiction. It can address the underlying causes of substance abuse, such as physical and emotional pain or stress, and help to restore psychological balance. 


Studies have shown that it can reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, support long-term recovery, and create an environment more conducive in which to maintain sobriety. Acupuncture can be an effective complementary treatment for addiction when combined with other traditional addiction therapy programs.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is an important component of a holistic treatment program for drug addiction. Our nutritional counselors will assess your diet and lifestyle, provide dietary advice, and recommend healthier alternatives to unhealthy eating habits. 


Additionally, they can provide guidance on how to make better food choices that will support long-term recovery and overall health. In combination with acupuncture and psychological therapies, it can be an effective tool for treating substance abuse and preventing relapse.

Dance Movement Therapy

Dance movement therapy is an often unexpected but highly effective addition to our holistic addiction treatment program. It can often help reduce the intensity of cravings and improve positive feelings associated with recovery. Our clients really enjoy this part of our program!

Conscious Recovery

Conscious Recovery is a holistic treatment program that we are proud to offer at Wellness Retreat Recovery. It will help you identify the underlying root of destructive patterns that lead to addictive tendencies and outline clear steps to letting go of core false beliefs. This 12-week program involves both individual and group therapy that will leave you feeling connected with your essential self.

What Are the Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment?

At our Bay Area drug rehab facility, you’ll receive support throughout all stages of recovery. For individuals that need help with drug detox, we have a residential facility where you will receive care 24/7. We work with every client to plan their next steps following inpatient treatment through an individualized aftercare plan reflects our holistic view of recovery.


Here are some of the benefits of participating in our holistic addiction treatment program here at Wellness Retreat Recovery:

Strengthened Self-Esteem and Identity

Undoubtedly, addiction can destroy a person’s sense of self-worth and identity. Addiction fosters feelings of failure, self-doubt, guilt, and shame. These emotions can leave a person questioning their worth and judgment, affecting their relationships and future choices. 


Our vast array of holistic addiction treatment therapies help to heal those feelings of self-doubt and poor self-esteem. Holistic treatment encourages self-acceptance, self-improvement, and growth by allowing you to face these difficult emotions in a safe environment. Time devoted to the holistic aspect of addiction recovery lets you connect with your deepest self and discover your hidden strengths.

Enhanced Coping Skills

Coping skills are tools you will use to overcome stress and adverse experiences. Without healthy coping skills, stress can trigger the use of drugs or alcohol. Therefore, learning beneficial coping skills — and when to utilize them — is essential for addiction recovery.


Through holistic addiction therapy, you will find new and convenient ways to manage stress and negative emotions. Emotion regulation techniques like yoga and art therapy are vital tools that you can use on your recovery journey.

Greater Access to a Variety of Addiction Treatment Options

Most addiction recovery programs offer the standard traditional treatments like psychoeducation, counseling, and medication therapies. While these techniques are effective, the programs are limited in what they have to offer and therefore lack variety.


On the other hand, the holistic addiction treatments that we offer here at Wellness Retreat Recovery mix a broad range of complementary therapies with traditional addiction recovery options. 


These programs provide more opportunities for you to discover what works for you and your personal needs. Art therapy, music therapy, and animal therapy, for example, are all treatments that can help with addiction but aren’t typically available in traditional treatment settings. In short, our holistic addiction programs offer diverse treatment options alongside traditional addiction therapies.

Individualized Treatment

Because a holistic addiction treatment plan takes into account every person’s situation and needs, holistic addiction recovery is individualized. Every client’s needs and preferences are considered when developing a treatment plan, which makes every plan unique and specialized. 


Furthermore, because holistic treatments address every individual as a whole, the result positively affects your physical and mental well-being. Yoga, for example, is a powerful emotion-regulation tool. However, yoga also has the added benefit of improved physical fitness.

Enriched Spiritual Connection

Spirituality should not be confused with any one religion. Most holistic addiction programs do not espouse or promote a specific religion. Instead, these addiction programs center around the mind and body, including the spirit. 


Instead of focusing solely on the physical effects of addiction, holistic therapy emphasizes achieving recovery through the mind and body. By considering the whole person, holistic treatment believes that the mind and body must both be well to attain spiritual and overall health.

Is Holistic Addiction Treatment Effective?

Holistic addiction treatment is both effective and ideal. What sets holistic addiction treatment apart from traditional therapies is its approach toward the individual. Holistic treatments encourage psychological healing of underlying trauma and other emotional conditions and foster a connection with the external environment. 


Here are 3 evidence-based reasons why it is worth trying holistic addiction treatment:

A comprehensive review of art and music therapy in addiction recovery found that both treatments have a positive and significant relationship when used alongside traditional rehabilitation methods like 12-step meetings and psychotherapy. In addition, these holistic therapies were found to improve self-image and self-esteem.

Another holistic treatment, acupuncture, has also had positive research outcomes in regard to addiction treatment and relapse prevention. Studies indicate acupuncture can reduce the physiological effects of stress, reducing cravings and drug-seeking behaviors in the long run.

Yoga, one of the most common holistic addiction treatments, has strong scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. For example, a review published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine found that seven out of eight published studies indicated that yoga offered significant positive results in anxiety, pain, or substance use cases.

By building connections between a person’s internal self and their outward relationships, holistic treatment fills in the gaps that traditional addiction therapies may overlook. And although research is still ongoing, holistic addiction treatments are slowly gaining popularity within many drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs due to their effectiveness. 

Get Individualized Holistic Treatment At Wellness Retreat Recovery

Wellness Retreat Recovery provides individualized residential treatment plans, including holistic addiction treatments. Our process begins with safe drug detox in our recovery facility and moves forward to rehabilitation and a successful recovery process. If you think you or your loved one would benefit from holistic addiction treatment, please contact us for a consult


Whether you’re searching for a traditional addiction recovery program or one that incorporates holistic treatments, we can build a plan that’s right for you. Our experienced and trained professionals are ready to give you or your loved one the help you need in a safe and compassionate environment. Please contact Wellness Retreat Recovery by calling 866-876-7159 to speak with a counselor today.

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