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Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention Program at Wellness Retreat Recovery

Relapse prevention is a key part of staying sober. Relapse can happen at any point, due to a variety of factors and influences. At Wellness Retreat Recovery, we work with our clients from day one to create a relapse prevention plan based on their own personal needs. This way, every individual who comes to our facility has the skill, education, and motivation to remain on the path of recovery and prevent relapse.

Relapse Prevention in San Jose, California | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

The Dangers of Relapse

Unfortunately, most people who seek help for addiction through treatment will eventually relapse. Just like other diseases, sometimes treatment isn’t enough to keep a person in remission. And, relapse is often deadly. All too often, individuals will use the same amount of their drug of choice as they did before detoxing. But, since they no longer have the high tolerance, they end up overdosing. A majority of overdose deaths happen as a result of relapsing in the early days of recovery. However, learning about relapse, what to do in a relapse situation, identifying relapse triggers, and practicing dealing with relapse triggers can reduce the risk of relapse. So, it’s undeniably important that individuals choose a treatment that incorporates relapse prevention strategies.

Relapse Prevention in San Jose, California | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Relapse Prevention is Key in Addiction Treatment

Our relapse prevention begins during treatment in identifying the largest causes of addiction. We address any underlying issues because medical and mood disorders can have a huge impact on addiction. When those are treated correctly, it greatly reduces the chance of relapse.

Relapse happens in multiple stages and begins far before the addict actually ingests their drug of choice. In stage one, the addict becomes vulnerable to relapse because of an emotional event or something else that causes them to let their guard down. This phase is where the relapse needs to be identified and stopped in its tracks. At Wellness Retreat Recovery, it’s our job to give clients the tools to do so.

In stage two of relapse, the addict is thinking about their drug of choice. This can last a day or a couple of months. Either way, they have an internal battle going on where they keep going back and forth between deciding to use or not.

Stage three is when the addict actually ingests the substance. This is the phase we want to avoid, and our goal is to give each client the resources to stop things before they progress so far.

Relapse Prevention in San Jose, California | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Relapse Prevention at The Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Through the entire treatment cycle, we work to educate individuals on what relapse is and the dangers of the relapse process. Additionally, we help individuals identify their own relapse triggers which may put them at risk for relapse. This way, these emotions, and situations can be actively avoided and sobriety can be maintained. Finally, we work to help prepare individuals for relapse. This way, if they do experience relapse, they can recognize it in its first, initial stage. This way, it stops before the physical act of using occurs. And, help is available as soon as possible.

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