Drug Addiction Treatment Center Checklist

Here is a quick rundown of what to bring to our drug addiction treatment center to make your stay at Wellness Retreat Recovery as comfortable as possible.

  1. Insurance Card/ RX Card
  2. Driver’s License or Government Issued ID
  3. Credit card, cashier’s check, etc. for your treatment balance (due in full upon admission)
  4. Credit card information (number, expiration, CVC code) to store on file for your medication co-pays and any incidentals (such as massages). While in treatment, prescribed medications will be distributed by Wellness Pharmacy and your insurance co-pays will be billed directly to your card on file.
  5. Names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers for anyone you wish us to communicate with, including family members, health care professionals, mental health professionals, etc.
  6. All medications in the original bottles, labeled with your name and current (not expired)
  7. We recommend $50-150 in cash for every week you plan to be in treatment. This will be used for your personal needs (such as cigarettes if you smoke, special hygiene products, etc.). Most clients also wish to purchase items on our weekly Adventure Outings.
  8. If you smoke cigarettes, we recommend you bring enough for your stay.
  9. 5-7 days of casual, comfortable clothing
  10. 2-3 outfits suitable to public outings (you may want to include one nice outfit)
  11. Workout clothing and appropriate shoes
  12. Clothes and shoes for hiking
  13. Sleepwear, slippers
  14. Swimsuit (for beach activities on sober adventure outing days)
  15. Personal hygiene items, including shampoo, conditioner, hair care items, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine sanitary products, etc. Please note that all items must be alcohol-free
  16. Umbrella
  17. iPhone, laptop, tablet, etc.

What Should I Leave at Home?

  1. Inappropriate clothing: midriff-baring tops, low-cut tops or revealing clothing, clothing with pictures or text referring to alcohol or drugs, short-shorts
  2. Items exceeding $500 in value. Wellness Retreat Recovery Center is not responsible for the loss or damage of any items including jewelry, money, documents, electronics, or any other item. Wellness Retreat Recovery Center provides a safe in our offices in which clients may store important personal items. However, Wellness Retreat Recovery Center’s liability for the loss of personal property deposited with Wellness Retreat Recovery Center for safekeeping is limited to $500.
  3. Cosmetics and personal items that contain alcohol, including hairsprays, perfumes, nail polish remover, nail glue, hair color chemicals, aerosol containers, aftershave, cologne, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, etc.
  4. Candles, lighter butane
  5. Weapons of any kind
  6. Alcohol and illegal drugs (excluding prescribed and over-the-counter medications)