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Outpatient Treatment

San Jose Outpatient Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Our specialized outpatient program at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center reflects the values we possess for the ultimate, dynamic healing of our clients. It epitomizes the importance that we place on our helping our clients achieve sustained recovery from addiction- all while providing the support necessary for them to form healthier habits before facing life outside of our inpatient rehab center. Our trusted outpatient program is the logical next step after inpatient care for alcohol addiction and drug addiction to assure relapse prevention.

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is almost always a life-long fight. Our clients must experience a transitional period cushioned by therapeutic services before being discharged from our program.

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Outpatient Services: A Closer Look

Outpatient Services at WRRC share and extend on many common treatment methods applied in our residential program, except with more emphasis on the establishment of sustainable means of living outside of treatment. This goal protects a client’s future sobriety. We aim to assist our clients in maintaining their recovery from drugs such as heroin (and other opioids), cocaine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, MDMA, marijuana, inhalants, hallucinogens, alcohol, and more.

Outpatient Program at WRRC typically involves the following services:

  • Individualized aftercare and relapse prevention plans
  • Extensive, supportive, and directed group therapies
  • Private, 1-on-1 sessions
  • Professional psychologist supervision
  • Sustained medication management
  • Connection and frequent interaction with our outstanding alumni program
  • Attend our comprehensive family education service
  • Routine drug testing (providing extra accountability)

Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Plans

From the very moment someone enters our program, WRRC begins placing the utmost importance on making sure our clients only leave our care once they are entirely prepared to face the life to which they will be returning. More often than not, treatment at WRRC involves multiple levels of care.

Of course, each of our clients has different needs based on their careers, family lives, and physical health. Even though all addictions share universal similarities, no two client cases are the same (and thus, no two aftercare plans are the same).

Unfortunately, being “thrown out of the nest” too quickly is what we see too many other addiction rehabilitation centers do to their clients. Being discharged before a client is ready can prove damaging to their self-esteem and self-efficacy if they relapse. Wellness Retreat Recovery Center understands that the only way to long-lasting recovery is a persistent and patient process packed full of well-rounded treatment approaches.

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Integrating Sober Living

After drug and alcohol addiction treatment, many of our clients choose to live in a sober living facility rather than returning home while they attend our outpatient program. For some patients with appropriate cases, our staff may recommend this decision to complement their continued sobriety. Sober living recommendations revolve around a client’s individual needs, home life circumstances, and specific goals.

Sober living homes are generally gender-specific, single-family-home, or apartment-style accommodations. These homes give clients the ability to return to work, attend school, attend outpatient programs, and re-establish daily routines while living in a sober environment. Typically, sober living facilities have rules regarding curfew or attendance at recovery support groups and require residents to submit to urinalysis to ensure continued abstinence from drugs.

Sober living may be an excellent option for some clients, but might be the incorrect solution for others. Recommendations regarding sober living depend entirely upon an individual client’s needs and preferences. For some clients who may be at risk of relapse by returning to their previous home life, our aftercare coordinators may recommend sober living for an appropriate period. On the other hand, for some clients, the most supportive environment is their original home.

When a staff member develops a full aftercare plan for a client, and a collective decision is made to enter a sober living home, they make a referral to our trusted network of residences. These residences are exclusively only the facilities that we believe provide the highest quality of services.

Benefits of Continuing Care

Staying in outpatient care will help our clients transition into the “real world” again after being housed and stabilized in our gorgeous residential facility. Sometimes this transition can prove difficult, and recovering alcoholics and addicts must be supported through every single step of their journey. Otherwise, recovery will be more challenging to maintain.

Often when alcoholics and addicts have chosen the road of recovery, there are many more choices they will inevitably face. Recovering from alcoholism is not just a choice, but a series of options and a series of lifestyle changes. During this time, our clients must allow us to guide them through the courses of action that will ultimately benefit their future.

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Connections With Alumni

Wellness Retreat Recovery’s outstanding alumni program is vital for us to mention when talking about our outpatient services. Time and time again, this group of recovering addicts and alcoholics prove incredibly helpful to the clients that are currently in our care, as well as the alumni themselves. Once a client discharges from any level of our care, they are given the option to join this joyous community.

Our alumni members don’t join the alumni community out of obligation. Alumni visit WRRC’s facilities to give back to the community that gave them a new sense of freedom from addiction and to help the next recovering alcoholic or addict.

Healing and recovery are not always linear, and there are no “quick fixes” when it comes to addiction. However, a higher quality of life that begins for Wellness Retreat Recovery Center’s clients can be maintained if they follow our program diligently.

Our goal is, and always has been, lasting recovery for our clients filled with freedom, personal success, and fulfillment. Outpatient treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery takes the solid foundations and all-encompassing quality of treatment administered at our residential property and leads our clients back into full reintegration with their “ordinary” lives. When our clients graduate from our program, it’s our main priority that they do so in an entirely new and healthy frame of mind and overall place in life.

Our clients deserve to receive the care necessary for them to continue the recovery path that they were brave enough to establish – and that we believe in so wholeheartedly.

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