Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Adults in Northern California
Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Adults

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs for Adults

San Jose Drug Rehab for adults is designed to address the challenges adults face in addiction and recovery individually. We understand that mature adults may have many broader issues to deal with when they enter recovery, and we take them all into consideration to ensure the best chance at sobriety possible.


Wellness Retreat is a fully equipped addiction treatment center with a highly qualified staff that can help you reach your recovery goals. Drug rehab for adults is a specialized program created to ease a patient over the age of 18 into treatment and address their individualized needs.

Adults Need Specific Considerations

We know adults have many factors in their lives that might contribute to addiction, such as:


  • • Marital issues
  • • Children
  • • Job loss
  • • Career responsibilities
  • • Family problems
  • • Debt
  • • Legal issues
  • • Home loss
  • • Medical conditions


Our specially trained staff is knowledgeable in each of these areas. We help to address all of these issues in our drug rehab for adults treatment programs based on the individual client’s needs. Our state-of-the-art facility allows the processing of emotions surrounding these issues in a safe environment. While at our treatment center, we promise to address all the problems in our clients’ lives and help them get back on their feet for the best shot at recovery.

When an Adult Does not Want to Accept Help

When it comes to young adults and teens, parental influence is often effective in getting a person struggling with addiction the help they need. But, after age 18, a person is an adult who can make their own decisions. And many times, adults either don’t think they need help with an addiction or simply may not wish to part from their addictive behaviors. However, without help, addiction can and does lead to a number of consequences and even fatalities.


But what can family and loved ones do to get their adult loved one the help they don’t know they need or want? Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery, we wish to accommodate any and every addiction situation, including the less-than-receptive adults struggling with receiving help. So, we provide family counseling services that the loved ones of these individuals in these situations can utilize. And we also provide a number of educational materials and sessions to help the entire family unit understand more about addiction and what they can do for their loved ones.

When an Adult Gets Dependent on Medication

According to the National Institutes of Health, around 23 million Americans live with symptoms of chronic pain every day. Chronic pain is pain that is experienced for a period of three consecutive days and can be brought on for any or all reasons. For ages, humans have been utilizing medicinal properties to manage the agitating and debilitating effects of chronic pain. And for ages, humans have been developing physical and psychological dependencies on these treatments. But, the prevalence of addictive medications used in the treatment of chronic pain is currently astounding. In fact, according to news outlets, America consumes most of the world’s supply of narcotic medications. The result? The opioid epidemic we are dealing with currently and the nearly 100 deaths caused by overdose every day.


Maybe you have started to take more of your medication to experience the results you need to ward off symptoms of pain. Maybe you feel sick when you don’t take your pain meds. Or, maybe, you find yourself thinking about your medicine and going out of your way to obtain pain pills when a prescription runs out. Whatever the case, if you think you have a problem with prescription medication, you probably do. However, there are a number of services we offer here at The Wellness Retreat Recovery.

Methods for Managing Pain for Adults Dealing with Prescription Addiction

If you suspect a person has a problem with prescription drug abuse, you can look for signs of physical dependence and addiction.

Professionally Monitored Detox

Detoxing from prescription medications can be dangerous if done alone. Additionally, it can be quite challenging due to unavoidable and agitating withdrawal symptoms like fever, chills, soreness, nausea, etc. But, detox allows individuals to detox in the safety of a professional establishment overseen by expert doctors and other professionals. Additionally, it allows for the use of specific medications that reduce challenging withdrawal symptoms. With both the safety and comfort of professional detox, patients are more likely to complete the detox process and move on to the next stage of recovery.

Pain Management

Once you’re done detoxing from your prescription medication, the symptoms of chronic pain won’t magically disappear. You’ll need to establish alternative methods of treatment to manage your chronic pain. At our facility, we focus on pain management efforts around both medicinal and holistic therapeutic practices. And we offer the option of working with a consulting pain-management physician who is also an addiction expert. This physician develops specific and individualized pain management solutions for each patient who requires them while staying with us.


Once treatment concludes, you will still have to manage your chronic pain. But we won’t be far from your reach. Aftercare services allow graduated treatment participants to continue with recovery efforts while retaining a connection to our sober community. With a commitment to helping develop long-term sobriety for each patient, our aftercare services provide the support those in recovery need.

We understand that it can be difficult for adults to acknowledge when they need help and then accept it when offered. At our San Jose addiction rehab, you will receive treatment, and a community of adults facing the same challenges as you can support you through your recovery process. At Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we make drug rehab for adults as comfortable as possible. We provide the highest quality of staff to see to your needs, and our facility is equipped with everything you need to enhance your recovery experience.

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