What to Expect at Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Anything new can be scary. We want to provide you with an understanding of what to expect at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center in order to help reduce your fears. This guide will inform you of what to expect before, during, and after treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center.

If you have further questions, our Admissions Experts are always available at 888-738-0692 and are happy to assist.


Once you reach out to us, an Admissions Expert will ask you questions designed to determine if Wellness Retreat Recovery Center is the best fit to meet your needs. This initial conversation will take anywhere from 10-20 minutes. If you have not already submitted your insurance information online via our Insurance Inquiry Form, we’ll collect it from you at this time (if applicable). All calls are completely confidential, and we take your privacy very seriously.

Once your insurance is verified, we’ll call you back to discuss coverage and answer your insurance and payment questions. When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll schedule your Pre-Admission Assessment. This can usually be completed right over the phone within 25-35 minutes and is a more extensive questionnaire designed to fully prepare our staff to meet your unique needs upon your arrival.

After the Pre-Admission Assessment is complete, we’ll schedule your arrival, including arranging your transportation from the airport or your home if needed.

We’ll answer any final questions you may have and refer you to our What to Bring to Treatment List.

Arrival for Admission

Once you arrive, you’ll be met by a staff member who will walk you through the admission process and paperwork. At this time, you’ll be asked for your final balance payment. Once admission paperwork has been completed, you’ll meet with a client care staff member to complete your health history questionnaire. Within a few hours of your arrival, you’ll meet with your detoxification physician who will initiate your personal detoxification plan.


When you arrive at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, you will begin your personal detox plan under the supervision of our expert addiction medicine partners. You’ll work with your assigned detox expert to create a detoxification plan designed specifically for you and your needs. Your personal detox plan will make your detox as comfortable as possible.

Our treatment team will monitor your vital signs around the clock to ensure your well-being and our physician partners are available 24/7 to respond to your detox needs.

Treatment programs often push clients into full program participation before the acute detox phase is complete, which can be extremely overwhelming. At Wellness Retreat Recovery Center we are very sensitive to the fact that everyone’s detox is different, and we will only encourage you to participate in program activities when you’re ready.

No matter what your addiction, our physician partners will ensure that your detox plan fits your personal needs, with your comfort and safety as our staff’s foremost priority.

Therapy and Recovery Counseling

After the acute detoxification portion of your treatment is complete and you’re ready to fully participate in the therapeutic portion of your treatment, you’ll engage in multiple forms of counseling and therapeutic activities. Our counseling services include individual therapy each week with a licensed Psychotherapist, group therapy three to four times per day, family educational group, private family therapy, weekly therapeutic outings, support group participation (12-Step program, SMART Recovery, and Rational Recovery meetings are all available), and holistic therapies such as Yoga.

These treatment services are supported by the medical services provided by our physician specialist partners to those clients with ongoing medical needs such as our pain management clients and those with dual diagnosis concerns.

Our staff is always available to provide transportation to any off-campus appointments you may require (within a 50-mile radius), such as dentist appointments, specialist appointments, and court appointments.

Family Participation

Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, our clients’ loved ones are strongly encouraged to participate in family therapy/family education group workshops, as well as our private family therapy sessions with our licensed psychotherapists on a weekly basis. Wellness Retreat Recovery Center hosts our family therapy/family education group every Saturday, and private family therapy sessions can be scheduled for any day/time, depending on family availability. We even offer these family activities through electronic means (such as secure video chat or conference call) for families that cannot attend in person.

Addiction is a family-wide issue Substance abuse is often sustained by one or more family members enabling their loved one’s addiction. Therefore, it’s imperative that close family members gain the tools necessary to support their loved one’s recovery. Family education and private family therapy help the family avoid falling into old patterns of behavior once their loved one returns home, and are important components of our treatment program. It’s vital for the family to address any interpersonal issues that might exist through private family therapy. It’s important to us that our clients and their families receive the most well-rounded treatment possible.

Dual Diagnosis Care

Substance addiction is usually the result of one or more underlying issues such as trauma and mental health disorders. The only way to truly heal from the ravages of addiction is to address the issues underlying addiction.

If you were diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder prior to your admission, we’ll set you up for ongoing care concurrent to your addiction treatment

Pain Management and Chronic Conditions

Our staff will arrange any specialist appointments you may need, as well as provide transportation to your off-campus appointments. With your permission, we’ll then work cooperatively with your specialist in order to provide comprehensive care targeted at your personal needs and physical circumstances.

You don’t have to live with your addiction just because you have a chronic condition. Relief starts here.

How Long Will My Treatment Stay Be?

Generally speaking, longer treatment stays are highly associated with better outcomes.  However, how long you stay in treatment is ultimately your decision. Every client enters treatment with a different set of circumstances. Your specific progress will be evaluated on a daily basis so that your treatment team can make the best ongoing recommendations for you.

What is Wellness Retreat Recovery Center’s Role in My Ongoing Care After I Complete the Program?

Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we provide comprehensive continuing care services. These continuing care services include weekly aftercare group, regular follow-up communication following program completion and access to our counselors should our former clients require additional and ongoing support.