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Long Term Treatment

San Jose Long-Term Treatment Programs for Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Recovery is a process, and it doesn’t end when a person leaves rehab. From the moment we bring a client to Wellness Retreat Recovery, we work with them to create an extensive long-term treatment plan. It has been proven that the more time and effort a person can put into their recovery, the better chance they have at sustained sobriety. Our goal is to give our clients the most realistic options for long-term care for addiction treatment. Beginning on day one, we promote a plan that is aimed at helping individuals establish sobriety, which will last the remainder of their lifetime!

To get the best chance at long-term recovery, a person should invest in long-term treatment. The first step of any treatment, whether an individual is considering long-term treatment or not, is detox. Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery, we offer professionally monitored detox. This allows individuals to detox in the comfort and safety of a professional facility and is important for those detoxing from specific drugs that can lead to dangerous withdrawal symptoms- notably, alcohol and benzodiazepines. During the detox from these substances, addiction treatment professionals can provide medications that can reduce the severity and frequency of experienced withdrawal symptoms to prevent emergency situations. However, while important for specific drug detoxes, this type of detox is also helpful and effective for detoxing from any addictive substance. The involvement of professionals ensures the complete safety of the patient and the effectiveness of detox.

Treatment Options after Detox

Once detox concludes, inpatient treatment service is the next step in continuing with long-term addiction treatment. While outpatient treatment is helpful, only inpatient treatment provides individuals with the chance to truly focus on their new life of sobriety. During inpatient or “residential” treatment, the client participates in therapy and other activities to help them relearn good habits and adjust to living life sober.

After inpatient addiction treatment, going to outpatient treatment is the next stage of a long-term treatment strategy. During outpatient treatment, clients can still get support and care as they transition into sober living. Clients who leave inpatient treatment to go back to their lives may become at a higher risk for relapse. This is because treatment strategies may no longer be implemented throughout daily life. Outpatient treatment allows the gradual step down of treatment so that clients can safely maintain skills learned during inpatient treatment. This way, healthy lifestyles and thought patterns can be practiced with continued oversight. We work with each client individually to plan their next steps following inpatient treatment, and their aftercare plan reflects this.

Choosing Addiction Treatment with a Focus on Long-Term Care

If you want the best possible chance at a life of recovery, our San Jose long-term treatment program is the way to start. Becoming sober isn’t just about stopping the use of drugs. It’s about establishing healthy mindsets and behaviors so that true and lasting healing is available. The best way of doing this is to entirely focus on treatment initially and then gradually step out into the real world to practice and perfect a life of true sobriety. If you’re ready to learn what you need to become completely free from addiction, The Wellness Retreat Recovery Center can help!

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