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Alcohol dependence is particularly dangerous for several reasons. Because alcohol is legal and generally socially acceptable, people can develop a severe alcohol dependence quickly and possibly without noticing any negative consequences, at least at first. Whereas with illegal drugs, it is clear from the beginning that there is a problem– doing illegal street drugs is generally understood to be an indication of an issue- people can develop alcohol habits that can become quite serious before anyone notices. However, the biggest reason that alcohol dependence is so dangerous is that, unlike that of many other substances, the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can be fatal.
San Jose Alcohol Detox | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Red Flags that Signify Alcohol Dependence

Many people begin using alcohol normally at first, but then over time, they develop a habit and a physical dependence on drinking. This addiction, like many others, is both physical and psychological. However, it can be hard to identify, because alcohol dependence isn’t as stigmatized as addiction to illegal drugs. Many people who are addicted to alcohol can hide their dependence for a long period of time under the guise of “heavy drinking.” However, the consequences of alcohol dependence are just as severe (and sometimes even worse) than those from drug addiction. If you find yourself engaging in the following behaviors, there may be an alcohol dependence issue:

  • Lying about how much or how often you drink
  • Craving a drink frequently
  • Experiencing tremors or shakes when you don’t drink
  • Hiding alcohol and evidence of drinking
  • Drinking during work, at inappropriate occasions, or alone
  • Being unable to fulfill commitments due to drinking (whether it’s exhibiting poor work ethic or missing important family events)
  • Legal consequences, such as a DUI or a drunk and disorderly charge
  • Frequently driving under the influence
  • Feeling as though you can’t wait for your next drink, or spending an excessive amount of time thinking about and planning for your next drink
  • Blacking out or losing consciousness from drinking
  • Experiencing alcohol poisoning or being hospitalized due to drinking
  • Engaging in risky behavior or sustaining injuries when drunk
  • Stealing money to buy alcohol
  • Drinking daily, or binge-drinking on the weekends
  • Feeling unable to function without alcohol

Alcoholism can look different for everyone, but if you notice that drinking is interfering with any normal aspect of your life, you may have developed alcoholism.

Alcohol Detox in San Jose, California | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol dependence can result in a host of physical health issues as well as emotional disturbance and mental health concerns. Over time, alcohol dependence can cause issues like cirrhosis of the liver, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (wet brain), depression, anxiety, social/interpersonal problems, and much more. One of the most dangerous aspects of alcohol dependence is withdrawal, which can be fatal without proper supervision. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can include the following:

SweatingDisorientationRapid heart rate
Mood SwingsFatigueDelirium Tremens
NauseaAbdominal painFever

While all of these symptoms are certainly unpleasant, the most dangerous symptom is the seizures associated with alcohol withdrawal. Without proper supervision in a detox facility, these seizures can be fatal.

For people who struggle with alcohol dependence, the safest and most comfortable way to detox from alcohol is in a treatment facility. At Wellness Retreat Recovery, we offer detox for patients who are dependent on alcohol.

Alcohol Detox in San Jose, California | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

The Alcohol Dependence Detox Process

Upon intake, each patient is assessed by a doctor. This allows us to determine the best course of treatment for managing symptoms. Depending on the patient’s history of alcohol use, the assessment allows us to identify any underlying conditions that need addressing. A vital part of the detox process is attending to all of the patient’s needs, including physical or mental conditions that may hamper the recovery process and cause stress for the client. Each individual patient receives their own unique treatment plan, which incorporates methods for treating physical conditions as well as mental conditions, such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder.

Patients suffering from alcohol dependence can take medications to manage their dangerous symptoms, such as anticonvulsants to prevent seizures. In addition to these medications, patients also receive medications that help manage the discomfort from less-dangerous yet still unpleasant symptoms.

During the entire alcohol detox process, the staff is available 24/7 to attend to all of our clients’ needs. In addition to our physician partners, there are therapists to help patients navigate the emotional aspects of the detox process. Support and individual care are essential for a successful detox, and that’s what we offer to every one of our clients. During the entire process, patients have access to high-end, luxury amenities, and surroundings. We also offer a limited number of beds so that every client receives the individual care they need and deserve.

Alcohol Detox in San Jose, California | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

The Importance of Professionally Supervised Detox

It is absolutely essential to detox in a professionally-supervised setting if you suffer from alcohol dependence. Like with any other substance addiction, detoxing with the support of a professional staff always increases the chances of a successful, long-term recovery, and reduces the risk of relapse. Because symptoms can be uncomfortable, some people relapse during the process when they undergo it alone, simply to find relief. At Wellness, we provide care and oversight that offers relief of symptoms as well as accountability, which significantly reduces this risk.

However, more important than the comfort, a professionally supervised detox offers is the safety it offers. Unlike many drugs, alcohol withdrawal can be fatal. It is impossible to predict whether or not you will suffer potentially life-threatening seizures. Even if you believe you won’t have them, alcohol withdrawal seizures can happen at any point during detox. That’s why it is so essential to detox from alcohol in a monitored setting. It’s where these life-threatening effects of withdrawal are prevented and managed safely. If you want or need to stop drinking and you need help to do so, call Wellness Retreat Recovery today for information about our detox program for patients who suffer from alcohol dependence.

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