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San Jose Group Therapy

Group therapy at Wellness Retreat Recovery comes in many different forms. It is a place where people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse can learn to cope with their addictive behaviors while learning from their peers. Group therapy is also instrumental in teaching an addict that group therapythey are not alone, which is largely beneficial because addiction is a very isolating disease.
We offer many different kinds of group therapy for drug and alcohol abuse.

San Jose Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Process Groups: In these groups, clients get together as a group with their assigned therapist. The therapist may ask for an update on how the clients are doing, or present a topic for discussion. Or, these types of groups are used to talk through current problems or achievements specific individuals are dealing with as of recent. Furthermore, crosstalk is kept to a minimum so that all individuals can speak their mind. Clients have the opportunity to talk about their emotions and circumstances in a safe environment. A therapist is present to facilitate the discussion and advise people as necessary.

With process groups, individuals learn that their experienced emotions are justified and that they are alone in struggling with emotions.

Activity Groups: A big part of addiction treatment is learning mindfulness and developing ways to maintain mindfulness after graduating treatment. We offer a number of different group group therapyactivities to help foster mindfulness in our clients and make it a habit. These activities teach clients other outlets for their emotions besides drugs and alcohol and can effectively help with managing moods and preventing relapse when treatment concludes.

Educational Groups: These groups are information-based and allow the client to learn more about addiction and topics that are relevant to their addiction treatment. From learning how addiction affects the brain to learn about how families cope with addiction, these groups can help to widen the addict’s scope of knowledge and better equip them for sobriety.

We offer other activities to help with the recovery process, such as yoga for addiction recovery, light activity, walking, and more.

Group Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Abuse at The Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Finally, our San Jose group therapy is a great way for a person to get to know their peers and develop healthy communication and boundaries with others.  Sometimes, knowing that you’re not alone on the road to recovery is enough motivation to maintain sobriety in the most difficult times, which is why community support group attendance is so important after inpatient treatment is over. Plus, it’s a great way to practice socializing with others and using skills developed throughout a client’s time in treatment. It is a core part of Wellness Retreat Recovery’s treatment process and something you will engage in once you’re enrolled in our treatment program!

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