Support for Families of Addicts in San Jose | Wellness Retreat

Unfortunately, the person who develops an addiction isn’t the only one who experiences consequences as a result. Addiction is a type of disease that affects more than just the individual using addictive substances. Families are undoubtedly affected by addiction. Wellness Retreat Recovery is a place where addicts and their families come to heal. And we make sure everyone affected by the addict’s behaviors is given family support via tools and resources to cope.

Support for Families of Addicts in San Jose | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Support for Families of Addicts: Intervention Plan

From the moment a concerned loved one calls Wellness Retreat Recovery, we work with them to assist in getting the addict into treatment. It can be challenging to approach a loved one about their addictive behaviors. Even more challenging is often getting them to accept help through treatment. So, to help, we can recommend professional intervention services and/or educate family members on how to approach the subject with their addicted loved-one themselves. During a formal intervention, families and loved ones of those struggling with addiction get the chance to share their feelings and encourage the individual struggling with addiction to get the help they need.  We find professional interventions to be a great resource in creating an emotionally safe environment that encourages people to accept help.

Support for Families of Addicts in San Jose | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Family Therapy During Treatment

We offer our clients families the opportunity to participate in both individual family therapy and family group therapy. Individual family therapy helps loved ones learn to cope with the distress addiction brings and with other issues with a professional therapist leading the conversation. Additionally, family therapy helps to educate loved ones on the aspects of addiction they should be aware of. This includes how to effectively communicate, identify, and stop enabling behaviors, and more. Family therapy enables everyone to begin the healing process.

Support for Families of Addicts in San Jose | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Resource Offered to Families of Recovering Individuals

We offer family resources within and outside of our facility and educate families on addiction and how to be the strongest support system for the addict that they can be. These resources may include 12 step meetings in the area, alumni events, literature, and more! We want to make sure that the families of our clients have all their questions answered and that they receive the support they require.

Looking for Addiction Support for Your Family?

Family members and loved ones are just as important in the process of recovery as the addict. The more people who are positively active in addiction recovery, the better the chance of lasting sobriety the addict will have. Your addicted loved one needs your support and you need support as well! It’s not easy dealing with addiction, whether you’re the individual struggling with drug abuse, a family member, or a loved one. But, there is help for every individual living with the effects of addiction and for the families of addicts.

Wellness Retreat Recovery encourages our clients’ families to be involved in treatment. While this includes learning about addiction and how they can help, it also means getting the help they need for themselves!

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