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One of the most important aspects of treatment is continuity of care. If clients don’t have an aftercare plan already in place following treatment graduation, they tend to return to old patterns of behavior and environments that can erode their foundation of recovery and eventually lead to a relapse.

At Wellness Retreat Recovery, we emphasize the continuity of care for every one of our clients, and we provide each one of them with a comprehensive, effective aftercare plan to be implemented immediately upon their graduation from our inpatient program. Recovery is a lifelong process, and the more time and effort one puts into it, the better chance one has of maintaining long-term, fulfilling sobriety.
Aftercare - drug addiction treatment

Aftercare: After Your Drug Addiction Treatment

At Wellness Retreat Recovery, we begin to consider your aftercare plan the minute you become a client, and we spend the entire time you are with us working on formulating the most effective, individualized aftercare plan possible. In the creation of each individual client’s aftercare plan, we take into consideration every aspect of their home life, work, family, mental and physical health, and any specialized needs they may have.

Our exclusive client community allows us to focus on each person as an individual for the duration of their treatment in our program. Throughout their stay, we get to know our clients holistically so that we can create the best approach for successful treatment following the inpatient portion of the process. At Wellness Retreat Recovery, we make treatment all about the individual and treat each case separately with time and attention to ensure the quality of care.

We take pride in the care we provide during and after treatment. Inpatient rehab is a great way to start the recovery process, but proper aftercare is a must in order to achieve success and maintained sobriety. Depending upon the individual needs of the client, aftercare can be comprised of many different components. We assess each client individually and make our recommendations based on their needs. Aftercare recommendations for clients who complete inpatient treatment may include:

Aftercare - drug addiction treatment

Therapist or Doctor Referrals

When clients leave inpatient treatment, they may need additional support to help them address ongoing emotional, mental, or physical needs. Prior to entering treatment, many patients do not have a psychiatrist or regular doctor treating mental or physical conditions they may have. Since recovery is holistic, continuing to treat these conditions is vital to patient recovery. Staff at Wellness will refer clients to reputable, recovery-educated practitioners that can treat clients once they exit inpatient.

Therapy is also vital to recovery for many patients, and when clients leave Wellness, they may still have emotional experiences to address or ongoing therapeutic goals. At Wellness we work with a wide network of quality addiction counselors and therapists as well as specialized mental health professionals who accept referrals of clients. Before a client leaves Wellness, if they wish to continue treatment on an individual basis we ensure that they are properly set up to do so with a high quality, experienced clinician.

After Drug Addiction Treatment | San Jose | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Sober Living

After drug addiction treatment, some clients may wish to live in a sober living facility rather than returning home. For some patients, staff recommends this decision in order to support their continued sobriety. Sober living recommendations are based on a client’s individual needs, home life circumstances, and specific goals. Sober living homes are generally gender-specific, single-family-home, or apartment-style living accommodations where residents are able to work, attend school, or go about their daily routines while living in a sober environment. Typically, sober living facilities have rules regarding curfew or attendance at recovery support groups and require residents to submit to urinalysis to ensure their continued abstinence from drugs.

Sober living may be a great option for some clients and not for others, and recommendations regarding sober living depend entirely upon the individual client’s needs. For some clients who may be at risk of relapse by returning home, sober living may be recommended for a period of time, while for other clients, the most supportive environment for them is the family home. When clients would benefit from sober living, we always refer to our trusted network of residences that provide beautiful, comfortable homes and high-quality programs for their residents. Like all other aspects of Wellness Retreat Recovery’s program, this aspect of treatment is always individualized.

After Drug Addiction Treatment | San Jose | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Recovery support groups

Some patients may benefit from implementing a recovery support group, such as SMART Recovery or a 12 step program, into their daily lives after treatment. These recommendations are based on what most benefits the client and the style of recovery with which they are most comfortable.

At Wellness Retreat Recovery, where continuity of care and quality treatment is paramount, aftercare planning is an important part of the recovery process for our patients. Like every aspect of our program, we treat clients as individuals with regard to their aftercare recommendations. The aftercare plan for each client at Wellness is formed with attention to their individual needs, goals, and personal progress during inpatient treatment. We always strive to provide the best chance at long-term sobriety for every one of our clients who graduate from inpatient residential treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery.

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