Alumni Program in San Jose | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center
Wellness Retreat Recovery Alumni

The recovery from addiction isn’t over once residential treatment is over. Unfortunately, 30, 60, or even 90 days is not long enough to ensure a life of sobriety. Recovery is lifelong. For that reason, Wellness Retreat Recovery Center provides support and resources to treatment alumni through our alumni program.

Graduating from addiction treatment and establishing sobriety is something to be proud of and Wellness Retreat alumni celebrate their milestones together. Having resources and support to fall back on is an important part of long-term treatment and relapse prevention, and our alumni group is a big part of that. Sometimes, knowing that you’re not alone and that a community of those in recovery is there for support is all an individual needs to stay motivated in sobriety!

Alumni Program in San Jose | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Alumni of Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Our alumni program allows people who have completed our treatment program to have access to select resources. They include:

  • Quarterly Alumni Events such as holiday parties and fun activities
  • A weekly Alumni Process Group
  • Access to counselors
  • Meetings and teleconferences
  • Education and networking

Once you complete treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery, you’ll have an extensive support network. We know that a gradual introduction to a life of sobriety allows for the processing and development of new, healthy lifestyle patterns. Our alumni network gives you access to other people who have been in your shoes, and to the counselors who helped you when you needed it most.

Alumni Program in San Jose | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Getting Back into the Workforce

Plus, we help those who have graduated from our comprehensive treatment with vocational support, when needed. Often, those who spend a month or two in treatment may have to leave their current jobs or they didn’t have jobs when they came to treatment as a result of an addictive lifestyle. Either way, it can be challenging to jump right back into the workforce as soon as treatment ends. We provide services that aim to help individuals who need work to find successful opportunities. This service may include help with resume development, job interview set up and practice, and education on proper interview attire and comportment.

Alumni Program in San Jose | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Reaching out for Help

Those who have graduated from our program are always welcome to come to alumni gatherings and reach out to us for support. Whether it be help identifying relapse thinking and behavior before it occurs or helping loved ones get their own treatment, once a person is a part of Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, they’re a part of the family. We go above and beyond to provide support to our graduates and their families! Since recovery is a lifelong adventure, we believe in offering support to those in recovery as long as they need it. Those who choose Wellness Retreat Recovery Center for their treatment needs are ensuring lifelong support and the support from the amazing recovery community we have established throughout our years of offering help to people just like you!

Reach out for help!

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