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San Jose Individual Therapy Addiction Treatment

Addiction is often the result of self-medicating. Whether its symptoms of a mental health issue, a traumatic experience, or dealing with negative emotions, drugs, and alcohol can keep things people don’t wish to deal with at bay for a while. But if these issues are not addressed during treatment, they could lead to relapse after treatment concludes. It’s important to address these underlying issues which may have been a root cause of a client’s addiction. This way, individuals can learn to deal with unwanted emotions without the use of their substance of choice and can obtain healthy lifestyles and thought patterns that encourage sobriety maintenance. One of the ways in which individuals can confront underlying emotions and experiences which may have led to the development of addiction is through individual therapy.

What is Individual Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Basically, individual therapy is counseling sessions between an addiction therapist and the individual in treatment. Individual Therapy allows clients at Wellness Retreat Recovery to express their innermost feelings and emotions in a safe environment. This way, underlying causes of addiction can be both identified and confronted. Our therapists have experience in dealing with the underlying issues of addiction such as mood disorders and traumas, which often accompany substance abuse. We address situations that the client may not feel comfortable addressing in front of their peers, or go deeper into situations that need more analysis. Therapy helps addicts recognize their own behavior patterns, and we work together to change them. In this type of therapy, clients address the issues that led them to use addictive substances in the first place!

The goal of individual therapy is to come up with ways to handle emotional life circumstances without reverting back to drugs and alcohol. Undoubtedly, with or without addiction, life has its fair share of unavoidable negativity. Plus, each individual deals with his or her fair share of negative emotions throughout the course of a lifetime. But, those in recovery from addiction must handle these emotions without their addictive substance and without reverting back to self-harming thought patterns.

Individual Therapy at Wellness Retreat Recovery

Our treatment is based on working with each individual client to cater to their specific needs. Our individualized approach allows us to tailor therapy and substance abuse treatment specifically to the individual, providing the best chance for long-term recovery. Our strong client to staff ratio allows us to give each client the attention they need which allows for the best recovery outcomes. This individualized focus along with our extensive individual therapy allows our clients the opportunity to experience personalized and specific care.

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