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Answers About Substance Abuse Treatment at Wellness

It’s common to have questions about addiction treatment. No worries! We are here to provide you with any information that you may need. After all, we want you to feel comfortable and confident about your decision to choose The Wellness Retreat and Recovery Center as the start to your recovery journey. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we may address your inquiries or concerns.

Does Wellness Retreat Recovery Center’s treatment really work?

When we created Wellness Retreat Recovery Center we brought over 100 years of combined experience working in the field of drug and alcohol addiction recovery.  We know what works – treatment focused on the individual, robust enough to address the core mental and emotional issues underlying addiction.  Our Mission is to ensure the treatment we provide is effective at meeting our clients’ goal of lasting sobriety. Not only are we dedicated to this outcome, but we also take this responsibility very seriously.

Will I be comfortable during my detox?
When you arrive at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, you will begin your personal detox plan under the medical supervision of our expert addiction medicine partners. You’ll work with your detox doctor to create a detoxification plan designed specifically for you and your needs. Your personal detox plan will make your detox as comfortable as possible, and our stunning, luxurious amenities and private accommodations will ensure your environment is comforting and appealing.
Will my insurance cover my treatment at your facility?

If you have a PPO insurance policy, your insurance carrier will most likely cover some or all of your treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center. All you need to do is fill out our Insurance Inquiry Form with your insurance information. Typically it will take us less than an hour to verify your insurance benefits and call you back to discuss coverage.

Once we understand your benefits and coverage, we’ll talk to you about the policy deductible, if there is one (this is an amount set by your insurance company; insurance plans generally require that you meet your deductible amount once per year).

Will I get a bill during/after treatment?
All costs for treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center will be divulged to you upfront and you will never get an unexpected bill from us during or after treatment.
Will you restrict the medications I'm permitted to take during my detox and/or treatment?
We do not interfere with any doctor/patient relationship. Wellness Retreat works with Northern California’s foremost addiction medicine experts, and we rely on our physician and nurse partners to make the best short and long-term prescribing decisions for your personal needs. At Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we work as a team to create a plan that will meet the needs of every individual client.  We do not have a prefabricated detox program in which all clients are lumped together – You are an individual and have certain needs that should and will be met.
Do you permit opiate addicted clients to remain on Suboxone throughout treatment? What's your philosophy on Suboxone and other 'maintenance' aids?

We do not restrict or interfere with the prescribing process. Whether you remain on Suboxone or another opiate maintenance medication throughout your treatment, remain on it only during your detox, or choose not to use it at all, the choice is between you and your physician.

We are aware that many families and even addiction professionals hold vast misconceptions about Suboxone and other opiate replacement therapies. Many people believe that it’s simply a means of “replacing” one addiction with another. However, from our combined years of experience in the addiction field and our work with physician experts, we believe medium to long-term Suboxone therapy can be a key factor in sustained sobriety, especially for those clients facing chronic pain issues.

We have seen that, for many clients, remaining on Suboxone through the treatment period and beyond is beneficial in the following ways:

  1. It allows clients to focus on the emotional health issues at the root of addiction without being distracted and defeated by overwhelming cravings and/or debilitating physical pain.
  2. It increases the likelihood that clients will rebuild their personal and professional lives without succumbing to relapse.
  3. Once clients have worked through root emotional health issues and have stabilized their personal and professional lives, they are able to reduce and eliminate their Suboxone maintenance therapy without devastating relapses.

In our experience, long-term Suboxone maintenance therapy is most effective for those clients that are highly motivated. It may or may not be appropriate for you or your loved one, but we ask that our clients and families remain open-minded to this possibility if suggested by the physician. It often proves to be the key to amazing success!

How can I convince my loved one that they need help?

Our Admissions team members will support you through the entire admissions process whether your loved one is highly motivated for treatment, or whether your loved one requires an intervention. They will speak with you about your loved one’s specific needs and recommend the most effective course of action. In some cases, our Admissions Expert may request to speak with your loved one directly if he/she feels that there’s a strong possibility your loved one will agree to treatment without an intervention. Either way, you’ll be an integral part of the process as you know your loved one best.

Wellness Retreat Recovery Center works with some of the most highly regarded interventionists in the substance abuse treatment industry. If an intervention is deemed necessary, we will help recommend an interventionist. We will also work cooperatively with both you and your family and the interventionist to provide comprehensive and effective pre-admission and admission services. No matter the situation, we are here to ensure all of your questions and concerns are attended to throughout the process, your loved one’s treatment, and beyond.

How much does drug and alcohol treatment cost?

Our monthly private pay rate for those clients without the supplemental benefit of a PPO insurance policy is about $10,000 per week, which is our treatment stay minimum. This monthly rate includes all clinical treatment services, boarding, and accommodations. Please note that any medications prescribed by our medical service partners will be filled at a local pharmacy, and billed to your insurance carrier. Medication costs are not included in our monthly treatment rate. For more information, please call 888-738-0692 or fill out our Contact Form

What's the process for entering treatment?

We’ve streamlined our admissions process to be as quick and easy as possible. Our caring, knowledgeable Admissions professionals are committed to quickly and diligently meeting your needs. We’ll probably be able to admit you or your loved one within 24 hours of your first call to us at 888-738-0692

It’s important that we speak with you to determine if we’re the best fit for your treatment needs. Even if we’re not, we’ll try our best to recommend a program that will be.

Can I tour the program campus?
We’ll be pleased to schedule a private tour of our campus for you and your family! Simply fill out our Contact Form or call us at 888-738-0692 and an Admissions Expert will be in touch shortly!
I have pain management/medical issues, can you help me?

We partner with a large network of physician specialists so that we may provide addiction treatment services to those with physical health concerns. We’ll arrange specialty care for you, and partner with your specialist in order to provide the comprehensive care you need and deserve.

We accept all clients on a case by case basis. To find out if our program is a good fit for your needs, please contact our Admission Experts at 888-738-0692 or fill out a Contact Form

Who is a good fit for treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center?
Our program serves adults aged 18 and up primarily needing substance abuse treatment. We are an appropriate program for those with secondary concerns such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and personality disorders. We accept clients on a case by case basis. To find out if our program is a good fit for your needs, please contact our Admission Experts at 888-738-0692 or fill out a Contact Us Form
Do you treat clients with a dual diagnosis?
Yes. Check out our Dual Diagnosis (Co-occurring Disorders) page for more information.
What kind of treatment program do you offer?
We offer inpatient, residential treatment to those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. We also offer treatment for co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis) For more information about our program and services, check out our How we Treat Addiction; Rehab Program Overview page.
Do I need professional treatment?

If you’re experiencing two or more of the following, you probably have a substance abuse issue which requires professional residential treatment:

  • You feel shame or guilt about your substance use
  • You lie about your substance use or hide it from others
  • Your loved ones are concerned about your substance use
  • You need to use a substance to mask your emotions
  • You “black-out” or have difficulty remembering your actions after using
  • You use more than you intend to
  • You neglect responsibilities because of your substance use
  • You place yourself or others in physical danger when using (such as driving while intoxicated)
  • You have frequent legal issues as a consequence of your substance use
  • You must use to avoid physical withdrawal symptoms
  • You must use increasingly higher amounts in order to feel “buzzed” or relaxed
  • You’ve given up other activities because of your substance use
  • You spend a lot of time thinking about your substance of choice, planning your use or recovering from the effects of substance use
How long is your program?

Program length varies according to individual needs and circumstances. Typically, we recommend treatment stays of at least 45 days, but our typical treatment stay is usually between 30 and 90 days. When planning for your treatment stay we feel it’s important that you consider the fact that longer stays (60-90 days) are correlated with significantly better outcomes. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says the following:

“Remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time is critical.  The appropriate duration for an individual depends on the type and degree of the patient’s situation and needs. Research indicates that most addicted individuals need at least 3 months in treatment to significantly reduce or stop their drug use and that the best outcomes occur with longer durations of treatment…”


Will my employer or anyone else find out I’m in treatment?
We strictly adhere to the regulations set forth by HIPPAA and CFR42 part 2, which restrict the dissemination of personal health information. We will never inform anyone of your treatment with us unless you specifically request (in writing) that we share information with a designated party.
Why do you think that my pain levels will decrease once I'm no longer addicted to opiate medications?
A phenomenon named opiate-induced hyperalgesia can be responsible for increased pain over time as a result of long-term use of opiates. Long-term opiate use can result in an increase in the pain signals transmitted to the brain. The long-term opiate user then experiences pain in parts of the body that are not actually in pain. The best news is that most of our clients are astonished to find that their pain levels significantly diminish once they are no longer abusing prescription medication.
My loved one has a psychological disorder and isn't stable on medication. Can you help?
We accept all clients on a case-by-case basis. We may be an appropriate program for your loved-one’s needs, but even if we’re not, we’ll help you find a program that is.
Can I use my personal electronic device (cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc)?
We do permit our clients access to their personal electronic devices during designated times and after a waiting period.  We provide access to our facility “house” phone during the electronics waiting period.
Can you accommodate special diets?
Our private chef will accommodate any special dietary needs!
Can I smoke?
For safety reasons, we do not allow cigarette smoking. Vaping and other nicotine products such as chew and pouches are permitted. Please bring enough for the duration of your stay. We also provide tobacco cessation tools to those interested in quitting.
Can my family visit me?
Absolutely! We encourage family visitation during designated weekend visiting hours, and especially encourage participation in our weekly private family therapy and family group therapy.
What airport should I fly into?

San Jose Airport (SJC) is our closest major airport. We also transport from San Francisco International (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) but prefer you fly into San Jose Airport if possible. We may be able to provide transportation from other airports in Northern California. Please speak with your Admissions Expert if you require transportation from another airport location.

Can you transport me from another location (besides the airport)?
We will provide transportation within a 50-mile radius. Please speak with your Admissions Expert about your transportation needs when arranging your admission.
What is your deposit policy?
Once you have decided to commit to treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we’ll schedule an admission date and ask for a deposit of 50% of your total monthly cost to “hold” your treatment space. The deposit is a good way for us to know you are committed to treatment with us, and you’ll have the confidence of a pre-reserved space in our program. Our program treats only 6 clients at a time, and our spaces can fill up quickly!
Can I request a private room?

All new, detoxing clients are accommodated in private rooms to maximize the ease of transition into our program and into sobriety*. Your detox physician will design a personalized detox plan to ensure physical well-being and safety. However, we’re aware that the detox period is often the most difficult for our clients, and we want you to be comfortable and relaxed as you begin your journey with us. We do our best to ensure that clients in the acute detox phase have the benefit of private rooms.

If there’s a medical or personal reason you require a private room past the acute detox phase of your treatment, we will accommodate this on a case-by-case basis.

*Unless prevented by rare, extenuating circumstances

Can I drive myself and keep my car while I’m in treatment?

Because our parking capacity is limited, we must ensure we have enough parking spaces for our staff. Therefore, we do not permit our clients to keep their cars on our property while in treatment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you live within 50 miles of WRRC we will be happy to provide transportation. If you live more than 50 miles away you can speak with your Admissions Expert and they will discuss transportation options and help find a solution that will work for you

Do you accept MediCal, Medicare, or Medicaid?
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept MediCal, Medicare, or Medicaid.