Does Wellness Retreat Recovery Center’s treatment really work?
Will I be comfortable during my detox?
Will my insurance cover my treatment at your facility?
Will I get a bill during/after treatment?
Will you restrict the medications I'm permitted to take during my detox and/or treatment?
Do you permit opiate addicted clients to remain on Suboxone throughout treatment? What's your philosophy on Suboxone and other 'maintenance' aids?
How can I convince my loved one that they need help?
How much does drug and alcohol treatment cost?
What's the process for entering treatment?
Can I tour the program campus?
I have pain management/medical issues, can you help me?
Who is a good fit for treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center?
Do you treat clients with a dual diagnosis?
What kind of treatment program do you offer?
Do I need professional treatment?
How long is your program?
Will my employer or anyone else find out I’m in treatment?
Why do you think that my pain levels will decrease once I'm no longer addicted to opiate medications?
My loved one has a psychological disorder and isn't stable on medication. Can you help?
Can I use my personal electronic device (cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc)?
Can you accommodate special diets?
Can I smoke?
Can my family visit me?
What airport should I fly into?
Can you transport me from another location (besides the airport)?
What is your deposit policy?
Can I request a private room?
Can I drive myself and keep my car while I’m in treatment?
Do you accept MediCal, Medicare, or Medicaid?