Understanding Addiction: The Causes, Signs, and Treatment

Understanding Addiction: The Causes, Signs, and Treatment

Every year, there are new cases of addiction. Another person becomes dependent on and starts to misuse prescription drugs. Another individual experiments with an illicit drug and develops an addiction. Yet another person begins to consume far too much alcohol far too often. Since every case of substance misuse is different, understanding addiction can be a difficult and detailed process. We can’t put a distinct label on addiction, relating it to specific causes and symptoms. This is because, again, every situation that involves addiction is different. But, we can certainly identify common signs and causes of alcohol and drug abuse. Making these connections helps to educate those who are interested in understanding addiction. Having this knowledge can help people who are struggling as well as their loved ones.

Defining Addiction at The Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

What is addiction? What does it mean to have a substance problem? There are many different answers to these questions. For instance, some may identify alcohol addiction as excessive drinking. But, when a person is addicted to alcohol, it doesn’t simply mean that he or she drinks a lot. An alcohol addiction is more than a period of binge drinking. It’s more than having a little too much at a party. Likewise, drug addiction is not an occasional drug use. It’s a furtherance of drug dependence. One of the most important parts of understanding addiction it education. And the first part of learning about this issue is defining it. So, for a moment, let’s think more deeply about what addiction really is.

In a way, addiction is all of the things we just mentioned and more. It involves using alcohol or drugs more than is recommended. People who are addicted to alcohol tend to drink much more than they should and they do so in dangerous circumstances. In other words, they might drink even when they know it can cause them to be harmed or become sick. The same goes for drug use. Addiction is the condition of being unable to function without the use of a certain substance. So, if a person is addicted to his or her medication, then it will be very difficult to operate without having the drug in his or her system. The body becomes dependent on the substance.

Identifying the Causes and Symptoms of Addiction

Understanding Addiction: The Causes, Signs, and TreatmentNow, let’s talk a little bit about why people become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Part of understanding addiction is learning about what causes it to happen. For some people, depression causes addiction problems. For example, a person who has a depressive disorder might take medication for the disorder. This might lead to a dependence on the drug. It, in turn, leads to the development of an addiction problem. On the other hand, the person who suffers from depression might use alcohol or a drug in order to escape the pain of the disorder. Anxiety, trauma, peer pressure, and stress could also be the causes of addiction.

Another part of understanding addiction is recognizing its signs. Often, people who have addictions will lose interest in things that used to engage them. They may avoid conversations about their substance use. Some people spend more time alone or with other users rather than with family or friends. Another sign of addiction is lack of responsibility. Some people fail to meet expectations at work or school. They may also fail to meet family and home obligations. Addiction may also cause people to develop sleep disorders and have health issues. People sometimes lose or gain weight quickly because of their substance use. These are just some of the common signs of addiction. So, it’s important to watch closely for any other changes in your life or in the life of your loved one. They could be indicating that there is an addiction problem.

Understanding Addiction Through Treatment

With the help of treatment and therapy, you can learn more about your addiction problem while you work to overcome it. Perhaps you don’t have an addiction but you know someone who does. It’s not too late to get the help that is needed. Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we offer our clients the chance to find freedom from substance abuse. There’s no need to wait any longer. Please contact us today.