Exploring Some Different Types of Family Therapy

Exploring Some Different Types of Family Therapy

Addiction can cause some major issues. It brings negative changes to the lives of the individuals who are suffering from it. But it also has a negative impact on the families of those individuals. In most cases, addiction causes issues within the family. It can cause separations between spouses, distance between siblings, and misunderstandings throughout the whole family. Unfortunately, when a person suffers from addiction, it can cause that individual to change. His or her behavior may become different. The individual might feel ashamed or guilty because of the substance problem. This might cause the person may become withdrawn from loved ones. As a result, both the individual and his or her family feel the pain that addiction causes. This is why therapy is so important.

It’s absolutely necessary for people to go through treatment and therapy if they are working to overcome a substance abuse problem. Treatment helps them to get past the physical addiction. But therapy can help them to understand that problem and the causes of it. It helps people to recognize and address the triggers that could lead to relapse. But, therapy is also important for the family members of the individual who has suffered from addiction. Each person who has felt the effects of substance abuse should get professional guidance as they work through the recovery process. Let’s talk a little more about the different types of family therapy that can help families heal from the pain of addiction.

About Family Counseling After Addiction

Again, substance abuse affects the whole family. When someone you love is struggling with alcohol or drug dependence, you have likely seen how addiction is affecting him or her. Perhaps, you’ve seen changes in your loved one’s behavior. Maybe you’ve seen a difference in his or her appearance. She doesn’t look the same. He doesn’t spend time with your family anymore. Sadly, many families have seen things like this happen. And, as you see your loved one’s life begin to change, no doubt your life also begins to change negatively. This is what makes family counseling so necessary for you and your family. Each one of you is being impacted by the substance abuse problem your loved one is dealing with. So, as your family member seeks help, you should do the same.

Generally speaking, counseling is meant to help people recognize and address the different issues they might be dealing with. Sometimes, it can bring attention to things that are normally overlooked. For example, a person may discover a correlation between a past event and their current actions through therapy. When families go through counseling as they’re loved ones overcome substance abuse, they may be able to understand more about the addiction and how it has affected them. Through the various types of family therapy, individuals can get the education and healing they need in order to move forward.

The Types of Family Therapy

There are two main categories of counseling for families. These types of family therapy include group and individual counseling. When families take part in one kind group therapy, they get to interact with other families who are also dealing with the challenges of their loved one’s addiction. In this setting, people can speak with one another and a therapist about the effects of substance abuse on their family. The other kind of therapy involves the family and their recovering loved one as well as the therapist. Finally, individual therapy allows each family member to take part in counseling that focuses on their needs.

After learning about the types of family therapy, do you think it’s time for you and your loved ones to attend counseling? If so, please reach out to us here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center. We would like to have the chance to help your family find hope, freedom, and healing.