Top 6 Addictions Found in Drug Treatment Centers

Top 6 Addictions Found in Drug Treatment Centers

Over 23 million people living in America deal with an addiction of some kind. With this heightened number, drug treatment centers are filled with addicts of all kinds. There are many different addictive substances and each drug may affect each person differently. Even though this is the case, statistics show that certain drugs have higher numbers of addicts than others.

Most Common Addictions in Rehab

Nicotine- Although nicotine is a legal substance and many do not look to the help of drug treatment centers for help with quitting, nicotine is important to mention. It is the number one addictive substance known to mankind. It also takes the lives of more Americans than any other substance yearly. Tobacco products may not seem as harmful as illicit street drugs because they are not illegal and are available almost anywhere, but they are. Long-term effects of using nicotine products cause heart disease, lung disease, and death.
Alcohol- Over 15 million people are dependant on alcohol today in the United States. This means that when they refrain from drinking, withdrawal occurs. The withdrawal from alcohol is known to be one of the worst withdrawals from any drug. This is because the body becomes dependant on the alcohol, and believes that it needs it to function correctly. Both overdose and withdrawal from alcohol can cause death, making it the second most deadly drug on the planet. Alcohol also impairs judgment and is cause for a high number of vehicle-related deaths yearly.
Marijuana- Although many individuals do not attend treatment facilities for marijuana, it is still one of the most widely used addictive drugs in America. This popularity may be on the rise with the recent legalization for recreational use in certain US states. It is relatively unknown that marijuana contains addictive properties, and can even cause dependency. This could be due to the fact that potency levels are increasing with each year.
Prescription Opioids- This class of drugs is a growing concern for America, especially in recent times. What starts as a bottle of pain medication grows into a debilitating addiction. Those that develop an addiction to these pills often do not know they are addicted until they try to cease taking the medication. Withdrawal symptoms begin and the cycle of use continues. Long-term use of these opioids create irreversible organ damage and overdose can result in death.
Cocaine- Numbers of those addicted to cocaine is falling each year, but thousands of addicts still find help in drug treatment centers each year for its use. Crack cocaine is known to be even more harmful to the body and is used more commonly because it is inexpensive.
Heroin- This is the man-made form of prescription opioids. Modeled after morphine, this drug can leave a user chasing a high for decades until treatment is sought. Withdrawal from heroin is known to be excruciatingly painful and makes recovery relatively difficult.

Drug Treatment Centers and Recovery

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