Tips For Staying Sober at Concerts

Tips For Staying Sober at Concerts

You can still enjoy concerts and shows without jeopardizing your sobriety and recovery in the process. You can find a group within your fellowship that wants the types of events that you do. Come up with a plan while you’re at the show. There are plenty of ways of staying sober at concerts. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Lifting Restrictions

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there is a lighter note to everything, that many restrictions are being lifted, and plenty of concerts, festivals, and shows are coming back.

Many of these big festivals took a year-long hiatus, if not longer. Plenty more are scheduled to be occurring right around the corner.

Going to these festivals and concerts can be a great time, and a lot of fun can be had. They can also be quite triggering if you’re not well equipped with a solid foundation in recovery. Make sure you stay hydrated and follow some of these tips.

Staying Sober at Concerts

There are lots of things you can do to stay sober during a festival or a show.

You can look into bringing a support group or friends who are also sober with you. Their plan should also be staying sober at shows.

Find sober people who have attended a concert in the past and participated in it, and stay sober. Sometimes you can find groups of people that host and hold 12-step meetings while attending a music festival.

Have a solid plan in place, do your research beforehand, and ensure that you are going with a plan to combat any and every situation or scenario that may arise during your concert experience.

Sober Friends and Support System

Having sober friends who enjoy the same things you do may be a challenge, but it’s always good to find someone you can go to concerts or shows with who can be there with you, staying sober will be much more pleasant and easier with a solid support system.

You won’t have to worry about constantly avoiding a drink or a drug if you’re with someone or multiple people who are also sober, just like you! Reach out to your sober fellowship or other people in recovery and ask them if they have gone to festivals or concerts sober, how they did, and if they had a good time.

Allow yourself to stay clean and sober while being able to enjoy the music without drugs and alcohol.

Groups That Attend Festivals Alcohol and Drug-Free

Some of the festivals around the country will have sober tents set up at various festivals. Groups of members from the local 12-step fellowships will travel to these festivals and host meetings and allow others to go to them for help and advice.

Even if you are out of town at a show, concert, or festival, you can continue your sober life. Some examples of these groups that travel countrywide are Sober AF Entertainment, Wharf Rats, Phellowship, and Soberoo. You can always look up if the festival you are attending has something similar.

Have a Plan in Place

Make sure you always have a plan in place that helps you avoid being triggered or having feelings of overwhelming uncomfortableness.

If you feel either of these during the festival or show, you should have someone that knows you’re there and is willing to help or take a call at any time you may need them. You may even need to formulate an escape route or exit plan from the venue.

Having these plans in place will help you be at peace, be more comfortable at the event, and not have so much worry. You’ll be able to be present and enjoy your time there.

Start Your Foundation Today

You won’t need to limit your activities and the things you do if your foundation is strong enough. You might even discover you enjoy some of these things more when you are sober. Drug addiction can take a toll on someone’s life, physically and emotionally. Getting clean and sober and enjoying your life again can be the beginning of a lifetime of joy and happiness.

Don’t let drug abuse ruin your life anymore. Contact us here at Wellness Retreat Recovery for substance abuse treatment, and get started on your journey today!