Symptoms of Substance Abuse: Is Your Loved One Addicted?

Symptoms of Substance Abuse: Is Your Loved One Addicted?

Unfortunately, many families have suffered from the negative effects of substance dependence. Parents, children, spouses, siblings other family members, and friends of addicts have all dealt with the way addiction affects their loved ones. But, in most cases, individuals have felt the impact of addiction before they even realized what was happening. Many times, people are unaware of the fact that their loved ones are struggling with drug or alcohol dependence. This can lead to much confusion and frustration. But, knowing more about the signs and symptoms of substance abuse could help families to spot the actual problem much sooner. As a result, loved ones can act more quickly to help their family members find professional help for their addiction problems. If you think someone you care about might be suffering from substance abuse, it might help to learn more about substance use and the symptoms you should look for.

What Does Addiction Look Like?

Everyone is unique and deals with life differently. So, each individual who develops an addiction problem will do so in a way that differs from other people. Substance dependence can be caused by a number of things. Some people develop addictions as a result of trauma. Others become addicted to pain medication after having gone through surgery or lived with chronic pain for a while. Many people experiment with illicit drugs and end up becoming addicted to those substances. And there are countless individuals who depend on alcohol as a way to escape from life’s challenges. Since the causes of addiction vary from person to person, the effects and symptoms of substance abuse may also vary. However, there are definitely some signs that seem to show themselves in many or most cases of addiction. Substance dependence often causes major and negative changes in several areas of people’s lives.

When a person is dealing with an addiction problem, he or she may experience mental, emotional, and even physical changes. Substance use often impacts people’s social lives, too. So, if you think a loved one may be suffering from a drug or alcohol use problem, you may actually see symptoms of substance abuse in the way the individual behaves. You may also see signs of this issue in the group of people your loved one spends time with. If your friend or family member is spending more time with people who drink or use drugs, the chances are that your loved one is also involved in this substance use. Now, let’s take a look at some of the other symptoms of substance abuse and what you can do to help your friend or family member find freedom.

Some of the Symptoms of Substance Abuse

Maybe you’ve noticed some subtle changes in the way your friend is acting towards you. Or, perhaps you’ve felt your child emotionally drifting further away from you. Have you found that your family member is less involved in the things he or she used to enjoy? These changes could be signs that the individual is dealing with something serious. Although it’s possible that these may be the signs of some other problem, it’s also true that they could be symptoms of substance abuse. Other signs and symptoms include:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Feelings of depression
  • Disheveled appearance
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Lack of personal hygiene
  • Unexpected weight loss or weight gain
  • Dishonesty about whereabouts and activities
  • Changes in sleep habits (excessive sleep or lack of sleep)

If you’ve seen any of these signs in your loved one, he or she could be dealing with an addiction problem. Contact us here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center to get help in making sure your loved one finds freedom from substance abuse.