Stages of Recovery: Celebrating your Sobriety Journey

Stages of Recovery: Celebrating your Sobriety Journey

Everyone knows that AA meetings provide colorful coins for individuals for their time in recovery, but what is the point? Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and any other accomplishment in life is usually celebrated, so why can’t recovery? Many individuals may feel that celebrating stages of recovery is useless since they are not guaranteed to stay sober, or they may feel like celebrating their victory over addiction is almost shameful, but celebrations are a healthy practice; even for those in recovery.

Putting Stages of Recovery into Perspective

You get a card from grandma every year just for surviving another year of life, so why wouldn’t you celebrate something as hard fought and worked for as your sobriety? Celebrating states of recovery allows you to look back and realize how far you’ve come and encourage you to keep discovering yourself. It doesn’t matter how big or fancy the celebration is, it matters that you recognize the importance and the significance of the time that you have spent working to better yourself through sobriety.

A Chance to Give Back

Undoubtedly, there are people that have been by your side throughout your stages of recovery that you owe a lot to. Celebrating recovery milestones allows you to give back to these individuals by saying thank you (and maybe providing them with a slice of cake). It is important to express gratitude for others throughout recovery so that you have a lasting support group that is there for you during the hard times. It’s also important to express gratitude so that others are encouraged to keep being a light for those in the darkness of addiction. A little kindness goes a long way, especially for those who need it most, swallowed by the despair and desperation that addiction can offer.

A Reminder When Things go Sour

If you never look back, how are you to know how far you’ve come? There are going to be hard times thrown your way during alcohol or addiction recovery, and you may not be prepared for them. Being able to look back on accomplishments that you have achieved throughout recovery will allow you to have a greater perspective during these challenging times. Instead of reaching for your drug of choice to soothe the harshness of reality, you’ll be able to be thankful for the time that you have spent ridding the addiction that numbed your emotions. Celebrating your success will make it tangible and recognizable so that you are able to be reminded of it when you need it most.

Encouraging Family and Loved Ones

Celebrations are not only about you; they are about your loved ones too. Your addiction didn’t just affect your life, but also the ones of the people around you who love you most. Make the stages of recovery about them too by including them in your celebrations. This will allow them to remain active in supporting your sobriety journey and also remind them that you are still working to better yourself.

How to Celebrate Stages of Recovery

You don’t have to accept a coin at your AA or NA meeting to celebrate recovery success. There are many ways that you can celebrate yourself without the temptation of drugs or alcohol. Invite your family and loved ones out to dinner or cook yourself at home and entertain for a night of community and storytelling. Attend a local sporting match and grab a footlong. You could even go for a hike that rewards you with beautiful sights at the end of a tiring journey. Whatever your interests, try to implement them in your celebrations so that they are a lasting memory full of motivation and success to remind you of how far you come and how far you are willing to go.

Want to Get Started Celebrating Stages of Recovery?

To get started with celebrating your own personal stages of recovery, you must be in recovery first! Are you or a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol? Want to find out more about our beautiful, luxurious, San Jose facility? Call us today to confidentially speak with an addiction specialist at 888-821-0238.