Peter Aimonetti, DBT, WRAP | Wellness Retreat Recovery

Client Care Technician

Peter Aimonetti, DBT, WRAP

Client Care Technician

Peter began working in the behavioral health field as a Behavioral Specialist, assisting children and adults with severe maladaptive behaviors, including children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. During his time working with children and adults, Peter learned to recognize and highly respect the power of communication, utilizing a non-judgmental orientation, and the need for patience while building trust.

Following these experiences as a Behavioral Specialist, Peter began his career as a Social Worker and excelled at using applied behavior analysis techniques learned through his previous experience. As a Social Worker, Peter was tasked with formulating behavioral interventions to best address an individual’s specific needs. He works to ensure the best quality of life for all individuals he works with.

Peter is passionate about working with individuals in early recovery and assists WRRC clients as a Client Care Technician.  Peter’s preferred therapeutic modalities include DBT, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness Practices, and WRAP. Peter believes that change is possible for anyone and that everyone possesses the internal resources to develop positive change, discover possibilities, and heal from past wounds.