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Michael Brown, L., Ac.

Michael Brown, L., Ac.

Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine

Michael is a California Board Certified Acupuncturist, making him a primary care provider in the state of California.  He loves helping others by providing compassion, medical support, and education, primarily utilizing acupuncture, Chinese medical massage (Tuina), botanical medicine, lifestyle instruction, and qigong.  Michael provides Wellness Retreat Clients with acupuncture protocols designed to assist in the complete recovery and detoxification process.  His acupuncture services also provide relief from anxiety, emotional distress, digestive complaints, and pain relief.

Michael is a Bay Area native who was drawn into the field of integrative medicine by his desire to better care for himself and others.  As a board-certified and licensed California acupuncturist, Michael approaches health, both prevention, and treatment, as a dialogue and an artful practice between Western and Eastern viewpoints, functional and integrated systems, research and practice, mind, and body, patient and practitioner, disease and wellness.  Michael primarily uses non-invasive and traditionally-rooted modalities in the forms of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, medical massage/Tuina, nutritional education, and lifestyle instruction.  He integrates these tools with Western medical science, up-to-date research, and cross-disciplinary viewpoints of the body and health to provide his patients with workable and effective treatment plans that are less invasive and aim towards long-term recovery.  His intention is to provide his patients with complete support and medical treatment that guide them towards living healthier, happier, more self-empowered, and more consciously embodied lives.

Michael practices with his wife at their clinic, Abundant Heaven Traditional Chinese Medicine Center, in Downtown Campbell.  They pride themselves on providing their patients with excellent care and treatment, as well as education and information through their website and social media pages.  Michael continues his post-graduate education through continuing education and extensive reading of research into the various areas of acupuncture, botanical medicine, tea, gastrointestinal, and neurological research.  He also loves a variety of tea and provides tea tastings at his clinic in Campbell.