Lisa Garrido, eRYT 500, Reiki III Master Teacher | Wellness Retreat Recovery

Lisa Garrido, eRYT 500, Reiki III Master Teacher

Lisa Garrido, eRYT 500, Reiki III Master Teacher

Yoga Instructor

Lisa is an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (eRYT) with advanced yoga studies (500) with over 10,000 hours of direct teaching and healing experience.  She has trained in trauma-informed practices, mindfulness and meditation, energy-based healing modalities, and specializes in working with highly sensitive people (HSP) and co-dependents.


She is the creator of She Is Thriving and Ignite Your Heart Yoga School helping other sensitives learn how to thrive in their lives amidst a chaotic and busy world.  As an intuitive guide and a mindfulness & movement facilitator, she has been specializing in addiction and recovery since 2012.  With her powerful guided visualizations and story-telling, her meditations, yoga sessions, and trainings guide clients through a transformational journey of self-care, self-love, and generational healing that empower them to reconnect to who they really are and deepen their intuition so they can trust in their own power to self-heal and live the life they know they’re meant to live.


Lisa is able to connect with each client uniquely so they can discover their own needs as she provides techniques and tools custom-tailored for them.  Clients practice these tools with Lisa so they can actually use them out in the real world to ground themselves and to be present, to find peace in chaos, and to trust in their own power again.  Even clients who are brand new to yoga and meditation, and even those resistant to it, will find with Lisa their place in this new world of presence practices.