Kathe Gibboney, NP | Wellness Retreat Recovery

Kathe Gibboney, NP

Kathe Gibboney, NP

Medical Director
Bicycle Health

Kathe has been treating people with substance use disorders and psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety for many, many years.  Kathe was instrumental in creating a well-known and thriving addiction-medicine focused practice, now known as Bicycle Health, in Redwood City.

Kathe provides loving and attentive support to WRRC clients throughout their treatment journey and most continue seeing her as patients at her Bicycle Health practice in Redwood City following residential treatment.  Kathe has a warm, caring and practical approach and her patients often remark upon the great degree of attention and time she devotes to each patient.  In fact, WRRC staff are instructed to contact her each evening at 10 pm so that she can have medical updates on her WRRC patients before going to bed! She truly goes above and beyond “usual” standards of care.

Kathe is proud to support WRRC Clients as they find their way to recovery, reminding them that it is possible to have a meaningful, joyful life without drugs and alcohol.