Darin Engrassia, RADT, CADCi | Wellness Retreat Recovery

Darin Engrassia, RADT, CADCi

Darin Engrassia, RADT, CADCi

Primary Counselor

Darin Engrassia is a Registered Drug and Alcohol Technician who has worked in the field of addiction for almost 4 years. He is purpose-driven and believes everyone deserves time, presence, and compassion. Darin is currently attending Purdue University’s Master’s Program in Psychology and is in the final stages of completing his education requirements for his Drug and Alcohol Counselor Certification.

Darin brings his own journey and recovery to the table and uses his personal experience to inform his counseling of others. In 2017, he created and managed an outpatient program and worked in community outreach in the Santa Cruz area. He’s also a certified personal trainer and values physical fitness as a part of the recovery process.

Darin has worked with clients both in group and individual settings. He enjoys helping clients identify and change old behavior patterns to implement healthy growth and create a foundation for success.