Chris Gunst, LMFT | Wellness Retreat Recovery

Chris Gunst, LMFT

Chris Gunst, LMFT

Clinical Director

Chris is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT).  He received his master’s degree in psychotherapy with an emphasis on Holistic, Transpersonal, Buddhist, and Somatic Psychological studies from John F Kennedy University.  He has trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and myriad other modalities that directly relate to and influence his work with the chemically dependent in a mindfulness-based treatment environment.

Throughout his studies and career as a therapist, Chris has had an affinity for working with the chemically dependent and has worked in a variety of settings that include community mental health agencies and private inpatient/outpatient addiction treatment programs.  In addition to his work with Wellness Retreat Clients, Chris also supervises Associate Marriage and Family Therapists and maintains a thriving private practice.

Chris connects with every client that arrives in treatment with the primary goal of providing individualized and meaningful care tailored to each client’s particular needs.  He works with clients to identify areas in their mental health that can influence and provide fertile ground for addiction such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and codependency.  Chris then works with each client and their loved ones to provide compassionate and targeted interventions that empower and heal.  Chris ensures that all clients transitioning out of treatment feel an increased sense of loving and understanding towards themselves and have started the vital process of embodying the emotional and behavioral health growth necessary for long-term stability.

Chris is a husband and father and lives close to the ocean.  In his free time, he enjoys yoga/meditation practice, being outdoors, reading, spending time with family, and having music in his life.