The Importance of Spirituality in Recovery from Addiction

The Importance of Spirituality in Recovery from Addiction

One of the 12 steps in the infamous 12 step Alcoholics Anonymous program is developing a connection to a higher power or establishing spirituality in life. For many that feel they have been wronged by religion or just have never pictured themselves as being religious, the concept of spirituality is not very appealing. Although we associate religion and spirituality, they are not exactly one in the same. It is important for individuals working on recovery from addiction to develop a personal connection with their own spirituality to have the best chance of long-term recovery success.

Spirituality vs. Religion

Those that already believe in God and recognize that there is a greater power than themselves in this world will likely have an easy grasp on the subject of spirituality during recovery from addiction. For those that have felt personally let down by the concept of religion or just don’t find a use for it, the concept of spirituality may not be their favorite of the 12 steps. To grasp this concept, the nonbelievers must acknowledge that religion and spirituality are much different. Religion is a set of rules and regulations that a group of people agrees upon regarding a God and his/her desires for people on earth. On the other hand, spirituality is recognizing in the self a higher power than one’s own and a searching for meaning and destiny. In fact, spirituality does not have to be about God at all. Many non-religious AA members that identify with their own spirituality connect with the desires of the universe and its all-knowing power. Whatever the higher power may be, there is healing in wanting to be connected to others and the rest of the world through spirituality.

Addiction and the Inability to be Spiritual

Addiction takes away a person’s ability to be spiritual or connect with the rest of the world. To search for life’s purpose and be able to reconnect with others instead of focusing only on the self, spirituality must be attained during recovery from addiction. While using drugs or alcohol, the self is solely motivated by the drug of choice. Anyone else’s wants or needs fall by the wayside. Additionally, addiction takes away an individual’s mean for a change. Although the behaviors of an addict can seem unpredictable, the cycle of addiction remains the same. Those caught in this addictive lifestyle do not seek positive change that encourages growth. Instead of searching for purpose through spirituality, they are always chasing the needs of their addiction.

More than anything, addiction takes away a person’s ability to feel astounded, awe-filled, and wonderment. Spirituality can regain these concepts in those in recovery from addiction. Recognizing that each and every person has a purpose and a connection to the person sitting next to them is an amazing feeling, and one only accomplished by developing a spiritual inner working. If you are ready to regain purpose, connection to others, and true feelings of amazement, then you are ready for recovery from addiction. Only you can decide when it is time to end the endless cycle of addiction in your life. Choose today that you need spirituality and treatment. Call the Wellness Retreat Recovery Center today for a confidential conversation with one of our professional associates.