Concentrating on Sober Life in Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Concentrating on Sober Life in Early Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Many come to treatment for alcoholism or drug abuse and think it’s just thirty days of rehab for a lifetime of sobriety. This just isn’t the case. Sobriety takes time and commitment, and working on sobriety does not stop when you leave the treatment facility. It will take determination every day to remain sober. At first, this might seem intimidating. But be assured, what now seems impossible will only become easier with time. Once the clarity of a sober life is shown to you, you will be convinced that working on a sober life every day is entirely worth it. Thankfully, there are a few techniques and steps to take that help to ensure a long-lasting life of sobriety during early drug and alcohol recovery.

Live in the Present

Worrying about the past or stressing about the future will only hinder your drug or alcohol recovery. If you think about it, what good does worrying bring? The answer is nothing. Worrying or stressing about things that are beyond your control will only pull you into a deeper hole of anxiety. Instead, focus on what you can do today. Today, you can not drink or use drugs. When you wake up tomorrow you can say the same thing. After a while, you will find that taking each day at a time has developed a healthy habit of abstaining from your drug of choice.

Surround yourself with the Proper Support

In early recovery, you will find that you will have to make changes with who you will hang out with post-treatment. You can’t go back to your life doing the same things and hanging out with the same people; that will only cause a triggered relapse. Instead of spending your time with others that drink or use drugs, you should surround yourself with peers that are also living a life of sobriety. This will prevent you from being alone with your own thoughts when you need an outlet, and give you people who understand what you’re going through to hear you out. A good support system is vital to the healing process in recovery, so this support system should be on board with your drug or alcohol recovery goals.

Be Rational with Yourself

You must learn how to tell yourself the truth in early drug or alcohol recovery. If you don’t, you will start to tell yourself that you don’t need rehab or that you can’t do it. The rational truth is that you do and you can. Acknowledge that recovery is not for the faint of heart, nor is it easy. Be honest with the work you will have to put in so that you can’t make excuses down the road. If recovery was easy, everyone would be sober. Once you obtain long-term recovery, won’t it feel that much better knowing that you accomplished something challenging and life-changing?

Make the Change and Begin your Drug or Alcohol Recovery

If you are ready to take on the early stages of recovery, drug and alcohol treatment can be provided to you by Wellness Retreat Recovery Center. We cater to the needs and recovery goals of each individual that walks through our facility doors. Additionally, we are one of the only rehabs in the world that offer a treatment guarantee. If you complete our program to the best of your ability and still cannot remain sober after treatment, there is still help for you here at the facility. We believe in all of our patients because they have the tools and motivation needed to live a life free of addiction. Contact us today on our website if you wish to learn about the services we provide. You can start living a better life today.