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Drug Rehab For Seniors

San Jose Drug Rehab Programs For Seniors at Wellness Retreat Recovery

Addiction doesn’t discriminate based on anything, age included. San Jose drug rehab for seniors is available at Wellness Retreat Recovery – specially designed to address the specific issues of this population. We work with each client individually to ensure the best treatment track is provided for their needs.

At our San Jose addiction treatment center, we use proven evidence-based practices to help seniors overcome their substance abuse. While it might be difficult for them at first to leave their homes and families, our drug and alcohol rehab for seniors is the best chance they have in creating a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

When Addiction Affects the Older Population

San Jose Drug Rehab For Seniors | Wellness Retreat Recovery CenterIt can be more challenging to identify a drug or alcohol addiction in the life of an older individual. This is largely due to the misconception that seniors do not participate in or abuse drugs and alcohol. There’s also the notion that older adults are not as social due to being retired and no longer working, so they don’t have the opportunity to imbibe in drugs or drinking. So, when addiction occurs, it may be easier for an older adult to mask their issues and/or remain isolated. However, older adults do still suffer from addiction. And, it can even present more issues than it would for a younger individual. Mixing drugs and alcohol with medications, impaired ambulation resulting in falls, and combining the physical effects of drugs or alcohol with health issues are all issues older adults can face throughout addiction a younger population may not experience.

Sadly, many older adults may not get treatment because of age factors. Older adults may feel entitled to a life of drug or alcohol use to self-medicate chronic pain or a life of emotional trauma. So, doctors and family members may not approach the subject as they agree with this self-entitlement. Also, older adults may feel that stopping the use of drugs or alcohol may impair their quality of life.

But, seniors and older adults CAN and SHOULD get treatment for a drug abuse issue. That’s because much more harm than good comes from drug use. And, there are alternatives to managing pain, whether physical or emotional, without the use of drugs or alcohol!

Fortunately, at Wellness Retreat Recovery, we provide drug and alcohol treatment in a beautiful, luxurious, state-of-the-art facility. Our mission is to provide customized treatment for each client that walks through our doors. Seniors can be assured that they will receive the finest care. While they are here, they will receive any and all medical care necessary to ensure safety and comfort. Additionally, they will take part in individual and group therapy, alone with holistic treatments that are appropriate for them.

We understand that seniors have a special set of needs. They might include:

  • Familial responsibilities
  • Special health needs
  • The need for discretion and privacy

Rehab for Seniors: The Treatment Process for Older Adults

We understand that it may be more difficult to identify addiction in a senior person, and they may be more resistant to getting the help they need. From the moment a person contacts us for help for themselves or a loved one, we make every effort to get them the help they need. The treatment process for an older adult may include: 

Assessment: Once individuals arrive at The Wellness Retreat Recovery, an initial assessment works to identify any past medical history, addiction experiences, and needs throughout treatment. As well, here is when our partner physicians can get a feel for medication needs and how medication management will go throughout treatment.

Professional Monitored Detox: If detox hasn’t been performed before arriving at our facility, older adults can take advantage of detoxing in our professional facility. Here, patients receive 24/7 care and are provided with professional care to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Residential Treatment: Whether for 30, 60, or 90 days, residential treatment is the most effective form of treatment for older adults struggling with addiction.

Our San Jose Wellness Retreat and Recovery center is dedicated to helping anyone, no matter the age, who is suffering from a substance use disorder. Our facility provides a safe and secure environment that provides comfort and immediate access to highly qualified staff and medical assistance if needed. We know that there is a need to help the elderly who are struggling with addiction, which is why we developed our rehab for seniors program. Remember, it is never too late to get help.

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