Reasons to Exercise during Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Reasons to Exercise during Alcohol and Drug Treatment

If you are in recovery for drug or alcohol addiction, you may not think that exercising is an important part of treatment. The reality is that exercise comes with many benefits that are just too good for a recovering addict to pass up. Discovering exercise in alcohol or drug treatment can give you the extra motivation you need for your recovery.

Why Exercise during Alcohol and Drug Treatment?

Stress Reduction: Exercise is noted for how it releases anxiety and stress in those that partake in being active. Stress that is released during exercise is both psychological and mental. Instead of escaping in a fit of rage, pent up emotions can be worked out through exercise.

Motion Meditation: Exercise can be categorized as a way of meditation. Think about it; when you meditate, you are spending time with yourself delving into uncharted territories in your mind. The same can take place with exercise. For some, it is easier to enter into a state of calm that meditation would normally provide through exercise. Sometimes, the movement and releasing of tension can provide inner peace and understanding.

Endorphin Release: Studies show that exercising helps the body to release endorphins that are needed to feel pleasure, giving a person increased moods and a natural high. These endorphins are exactly like the ones released while using addictive substances, but ongoing additions can damage the body’s pleasure reactions. This is often why recovering addicts are unphased by accomplishments during recovery. A dedicated approach to exercise can help a recovering person gain back those pleasure receptors and develop a sense of well-being.

Overall Perspective: Exercising not only helps with increasing and regulating moods but can help you feel better about life in general. If you look good, chances are you will feel good. Attaining fitness goals will give you an increased sense of self-satisfaction, and give you more of a reason to continue on your sobriety goals.

Gaining Support: Developing a support group is imperative for people in alcohol or drug treatment programs. Recovery is hard, so you should not want to do it alone. Going to the gym or taking up hobbies like fitness can help you to meet supportive individuals with the same goals as you. Additionally, if you already have a support group, working out is a healthy sober activity to do together.

Exercising and Alcohol and Drug Treatment

If you are ready to start on your road to addiction recovery and use exercise as a tool, Wellness Retreat Recovery Center can help you attain your goals. We come together as a staff of professionals to come up with an intensive and comprehensive recovery plan for each of our individual patients. We provide clinical, mental health, and physiological needs of each client because every addiction is different. If you wish to learn more about the services that we provide, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Help is always available and you do not have to suffer from your addiction for another day longer. Call us today at 1-855-762-3797.