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At the Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we are proud to introduce the SoulWomb, a new immersive sound meditation experience, for all of our clients. The SoulWomb utilizes digital technology, spatial audio, and holistic architecture to provide a safe and sacred space for our clients to meditate. We offer both intent-based and guided meditations, which not only reduce stress and anxiety but also improve long-term client health and overall well-being.

Benefits of Sound Healing and Meditation

Sound meditation is a gentle yet powerful experience that uses an orchestrated sequence of ancient instruments, therapeutic sounds, and physical vibrations that are aimed directly at specific parts of the body.

Wellness Retreat Recovery

This quickly transports clients to a place of tranquility that is conducive to meditation, therapy, and healing. Psychological benefits may include relaxation, focus, creativity, expression, and self-empowerment, amongst many other improvements in mood regulation and stress reduction. Physical benefits may include better sleep quality, lowering of blood pressure, calmer breathing patterns, and pain reduction.

Long-Term Benefits

We here at the Wellness Retreat Recovery Center care deeply about our clients’ health. We understand that recovery is not only a life-long journey but also a stepping stone for greater fulfillment in life. In that regard, we hope that by providing the proper environment and tools such as the SoulWomb, clients will be able to develop a long-lasting practice in meditation, mindfulness, and well-being that begins during their stay at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, and lasts for life.

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