Wellness Retreat Recovery Drug Rehab in California
Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Enrolling in an inpatient residential rehab program is the best decision a person who is struggling with an addiction or alcoholism can make. Residential treatment allows you to take time away from the craziness of everyday life to focus on yourself and to become sober while building a healthy foundation for long-term recovery. Wellness Retreat Recovery has created a comfortable, beautiful, and serene drug rehab in California for you to come to heal from addiction and alcoholism.

What to Expect at Our Drug Rehab in California

During inpatient residential rehab, you’ll meet with doctors and therapists one on one and in a group setting. We only have room for a few people to live at our facility at one time, which allows for plenty of individualized treatment and care. We know that every client that comes through our doors is unique, so we treat them as such. We are committed to capping enrollment in our program so that every patient at Wellness Retreat Recovery gets the individual care they need to recover.

Treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery starts with a medically supervised detox to guarantee our clients a comfortable and safe experience when clearing their minds and bodies of substances. Detox can cause significant physical and emotional symptoms for a patient so we do everything we can to minimize these unpleasant side effects of detoxification. Before beginning the detox process, each patient will undergo a thorough physical and mental assessment. This allows our doctors and clinical team to rule out any underlying medical causes that can contribute to the effects of detox. If our team does identify any underlying medical conditions, they are treated as part of the detox. It is vital that physical and emotional conditions separate from drug or alcohol addiction be treated alongside substance dependence, in order for patients to achieve optimum well-being in every aspect of their lives. Some underlying medical conditions can complicate the detox process, so we make sure to identify them if they exist, and treat them effectively. At Wellness Retreat Recovery, we treat patients for dependence on:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Amphetamines
  • Alcohol

Once a patient has gone through acute detox, which usually lasts up to a week, they will begin to go to group sessions with the other clients, and to meet with their own personal doctor and therapists. Therapeutic activities will be introduced as appropriate, such as gentle yoga and art classes. At Wellness Retreat Recovery, we emphasize whole-patient recovery. In addition to individual therapy and group process therapy, patients will participate in holistic therapies as well as evidence-based programs such as SMART Recovery. Our staff understands that every client is different and responds differently to therapies and programs, which is why 12 step recovery programs are offered but not mandatory for patients at Wellness Retreat Recovery. Throughout the treatment process, clients will have access to their therapists and clinical team. Because we believe so strongly in the effectiveness of our program, we offer a treatment guarantee for our patients. We are one of very few treatment centers to guarantee sobriety for our patients who comply with all treatment recommendations and aftercare planning, and we offer free treatment for up to 30 days (within a year of completing the program) for patients who are unable to stay sober after implementing every aspect of their treatment and post-treatment plan. When you or a loved one chooses to complete drug rehab in California through Wellness Retreat Recovery, you can rest assured that treatment will be of the highest quality.

Prior to finishing the program, an extensive continuing treatment plan will be created for each patient based on their individual needs. Follow-up care is an essential part of recovery, and should be always be implemented once someone leaves residential treatment. Our staff is experienced in created individualized, comprehensive aftercare programs for patients that aid and support their pursuit of long-term recovery once they exit residential treatment at our facility.

The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment at Wellness Retreat Recovery

Inpatient residential treatment has a number of proven benefits that help addicts and alcoholics to achieve long-term sobriety. If you are looking for a drug rehab in California, inpatient residential treatment has the most benefits. These benefits include:

  • Time away from the “real” world to focus on oneself
  • Distance from triggers – people, places, and things that may cause someone to use or drink
  • Intensive therapy to identify out the root cause of any mental, emotional, or physical issues and follow up care to treat any identified core issues
  • Safety and comfort in an environment specifically created to deal with addiction or alcoholism
  • Around the clock assistance for any needs that arise for any patient
  • A safe environment to learn how to cope with issues without the use of drugs and alcohol
  • A supportive peer group of other addicts and alcoholics- being immersed in a recovering community creates accountability and helps patients to develop social support networks that will benefit them once they leave treatment

There is no better way to tackle addiction than by attending inpatient residential treatment. It is the best way to put an addict or alcoholic on a strong path towards health and recovery. Entering inpatient treatment helps the patient to build a foundation of recovery, through immersive therapy and time dedicated to addressing core underlying issues and developing positive, healthy coping mechanisms to replace addictive behaviors. At Wellness Retreat Recovery, our patients are guaranteed the highest quality treatment from world-class doctors, therapists, and clinicians, in a beautiful location with luxury amenities. Our small treatment caseload ensures that every patient at Wellness Retreat Recovery receives the attention and time they deserve from staff members in order to effectively treat their addiction and meet all of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs while in treatment. At Wellness, our inpatient program combines the best medical and therapeutic care with pristine comfort and serene surroundings, for every addict or alcoholic who wishes to build a life of recovery from drugs and alcohol. If you or a loved one are ready to make the change and begin a new life of sobriety, success, joy, and peace through a luxury drug rehab in California, call us today for information and admissions at 1-855-762-3797.