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GHB Detox

Medically Monitored GHB Drug Detox Program at Wellness Retreat Recovery

When an individual has used GHB, or gamma hydroxybutyric acid, long-term, they are likely to exhibit signs of addiction like withdrawal when the substance isn’t used. Because of the challenging and dangerous withdrawal symptoms from using GHB long-term, it is highly suggested that addicted individuals utilize a medical GHB detox program to begin recovery. This ensures that in the case of discomfort or emergency, these individuals can detox from GHB safely, effectively, and more comfortably.
GHB Drug Detox in California | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Detoxing from Home Vs. Monitored Medical Detox

Sure, detoxing from home saves you money and hassle, but is it effective? Commonly, individuals think that they can simply stop using GHB cold turkey, or without any tapering or medicinal help. But, without the necessary means, most of these people end up relapsing. Withdrawal isn’t comfortable. The only way to ease symptoms of withdrawal at home is to use the addictive substance the body is craving. Additionally, physical withdrawal symptoms of GHB can last weeks. Not to mention, psychological withdrawal (cravings) can last months. Without both monitored medical detox and addiction treatment, GHB long-term users have little chance of obtaining successful recovery from their addiction. By choosing monitored medical detox, you aren’t just choosing the safety, comfort, and guidance of experienced addiction medical professionals, you are choosing a better chance at getting better from addiction!

GHB Drug Detox in California | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Withdrawal Symptoms of GHB

Just like other central nervous system depressants, withdrawal symptoms are not only agitating, they can turn out to be deadly. Not to worry; choosing monitored medical detox means 24/7 round-the-clock care in the case of overly aggressive symptoms. Also, we can provide non-habit forming medicines which can help to reduce the frequency and severity of withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms of GHB withdrawal may include:

Mood swingsAggressionSweating
Increased blood pressureIncreased heart ratePsychosis
HallucinationsPanic attacksFever

These withdrawal symptoms may seem debilitating to your chance of obtaining successful recovery. But, you don’t have to experience them alone. Monitored medical GHB detox means that you are in the care of professionals. These experts not only care about your recovery success but have helped many before you get the help they need. Throughout the entire detox process, Wellness Retreat Recovery will make sure that all of your needs are met. This way, you can be confident in the life ahead of you; the one free from addiction.

GHB Drug Detox in California | Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

After GHB Detox

Once you’ve completed monitored medical GHB detox, individuals enrolled in our program will learn the skills and methods needed to prevent relapse, recover broken relationships, deal with stress and triggers of drug use, identify and confront underlying causes of addiction, and much more! Additionally, they are able to take advantage of a number of therapy services like individual therapy, group therapy and holistic healing therapies. We believe that every individual should have as many resources available to them to discover the best way to heal from addiction personal to their own needs, as addiction is different for everyone. Whatever your recovery needs, Wellness Retreat Recovery can provide them for you!

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