6 Ways to Prepare for Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment

6 Ways to Prepare for Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment

How Can One Prepare for a Stay at Drug Rehab?

Sometimes, it is not easy to prepare for drug or alcohol addiction treatment because it is a last ditch effort to save a life. But, for most, a stay at a drug or alcohol addiction treatment facility means making the proper preparations beforehand. The addiction treatment industry has grown and adapted throughout the years, and by doing so a few things have surfaced that should be prepared for pre-treatment.

  1. Take Care of Work, Family, and School Responsibilities

It is understandable that it can be stressful to leave work, school, or family to invest in treatment to rid your life of addiction. But, without leaving your obligations for a while to work on your addiction through treatment, you are risking more than your responsibilities; you’re risking your life. The government allows workers to take up to 12 weeks off from work for medical leave before your employer can terminate you. Although it may seem embarrassing to tell an employer that you need to take a medical leave to attain recovery, it is more embarrassing letting the opportunity slip through your hands so that you continue a life of hidden addiction. If you have family that needs to be looked after while you attend treatment like children or pets, make sure that trusted family or friends are willing to help you look after them while you are gone. Additionally, if you are in school, find out if you can get ahead of scheduled work or makeup exams once you return.

  1. Take Care of Financial Responsibilities

Like much of the global population, you probably have bills to tend to each and every month. Before your stay at an addiction treatment facility, make sure to set up an automatic payment schedule or a trusted family member or friend to pay your bills. The added stress of making late payments in early recovery is not something that you want to look forward to after treatment concludes!

  1. Prepare Mentally for Treatment

Yes, you will be away from family and friends in between visits during your stay at a drug or alcohol addiction treatment rehabilitation. So, beforehand, fill up on their love and encouragement before you go. This will help to motivate you during your stay, as you will be reminded of the support group that you have waiting for you at home. Also, this support will confirm your decision to seek help, as your loved ones will likely be excited and proud of your new recovery journey.

  1. Keep an Open Mentality about Recovery

If you have a negative opinion about treatment before you even attend, the chances are you probably won’t have a great time or be able to learn due to negative emotions getting in the way. Put yourself in the position to reap the rewards of treatment and become the best version of yourself possible. Keep your head up; this is your second chance at life! Keep an open mind about treatment so that you can learn all you can to set yourself up for success in recovery.

  1. Be Ready to Make Friends

Treatment isn’t just about stopping the use of drugs or alcohol and remaining sober from then on out, it’s about gaining the necessary support that you will need during recovery! Don’t worry; all of the individuals that you will encounter during treatment are working to better themselves just like you. Try to be open and honest so that your newfound relationships will be built around founding values right from the start. You may even make friendships that will last a lifetime!

  1. Pack What You Need; Not What You Want

When preparing luggage for your stay at an inpatient drug or alcohol addiction treatment facility, remember to only pack what you need. This will make sure that you are abiding by the rules of the facility, as many do not allow patients to bring many unnecessary items. Extra items can cause distractions during treatment, so make sure to bring only items that will ensure that you are able to focus on your goal during treatment; bettering yourself.

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