Exercising Patience; a Virtue in Drug Abuse Treatment

Exercising Patience in Drug Abuse Treatment

Patience is the ability to handle uncomfortable circumstances without displaying anger. It’s a virtue that takes time, maturity, and practice to develop. For a recovering addict, patience can be especially difficult to develop. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, and a person needs patience to see the results of treatment. Developing patience in drug abuse treatment will help an individual control negative emotions and behaviors in life.

Our world, and especially our country, expects instant gratification and even assumes entitlement. The patient people of this world do not. They understand that the good things in this world take time. They also know that tolerance turns a better outcome than anger. Many recovering addicts expect their time in treatment to be instantly rewarding, but they are often let down. Recovery takes time, effort, and patience; but it is worth it.

Trust the Process of Drug Abuse Treatment

he inpatient are always thinking about the reward. They say, “if I go to treatment, I will be better”, but they do not think about the process of getting there. They don’t prepare for the time, commitment, and even suffering it will take to gain their reward. Those that trust the process of drug abuse treatment has a different perspective on recovery. They know that the process is not something that is in the way, but the reason that the reward is gained in the long run. Grasping this perspective will make a recovering individual more grateful and satisfied with their treatment progress.

How to be Patient in Drug Abuse Treatment

For some, patience is a virtue they are blessed with since birth. In contrast, many addicts are the types of individuals that expect to get what they want when they want it. They are used to an endless cycle of wanting the drug of their choice and attaining it immediately. Practicing techniques that develop patience will pay off in the long run, as recovery is a lifestyle and not instant. Additionally, patient individuals are more likely to develop inner peace and self-acceptance since they are patient with even themselves. There are a few things you can do during drug abuse treatment to work on patience.

  • In treatment, make sure to never take the short way out of anything. Do everything with your utmost attention and you will gain more from each activity, circumstance, and encounter.
  • Try to recognize that the best way to do things is not always the quickest.
  • Meditation can bring about an inner peace that removes anger and will help to bring you to the present moment in time, rather than worry about the future without much patience.
  • Participate in activities that you know will require patience. Puzzles, artwork, and gardening are good activities that will help you to exercise your patience.