The Helpful Skill of Mindfulness in Substance Abuse Recovery

The Helpful Skill of Mindfulness in Substance Abuse Recovery

No one is going to tell you that getting clean from substance abuse is easy. It is a challenging time where your mind, body, and soul have to work to rediscover a new existence without the control or persuasions of drugs or alcohol. There are times in early substance abuse recovery where you will not see the benefit of treatment. But, there are skills that you can develop to increase your mindfulness and expand your willingness to learn, adapt, and be happy in a life of sobriety.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to control the thoughts of the mind. Ideally, it is being able to take in the world around you and not be agitated by the past or worrisome of the future. Also, it is examining every aspect of your life by being open minded about every situation. Those that have a hard time coping with the change that drug or alcohol treatment bring to their lives are more likely to relapse after treatment concludes. Being focused on the world around you without judgment will allow you to be more content. Also, it will allow you to concentrate on what you should hold as highest priorities, like your newfound sobriety.

What can Mindfulness do for Me in Substance Abuse Recovery?

  • Being mindful helps to manage stress brought on by the change or conflicts that substance abuse recovery may bring. Stress is a result of actively worrying about the future, and if you are mindful enough not to do so, you will find yourself less stressed. Those who are not stressed are also less likely to develop stress-related health issues like heart problems, sleeplessness, and even anxiety disorders.
  • Since stress and anxiety are the main prerequisites for depression, living in a state of mindfulness will prevent depressive thoughts.
  • Practicing mindfulness will allow you to be more aware of what your body is telling you. Those that worry too much and are not focusing on what really matters in life will neglect to hear even what their bodies tell them when something isn’t right.
  • Being mindful allows a person to be aware of their own thoughts. This means that they are less likely to act off of impulse. In turn, this means that they are less likely to make decisions that can negatively affect their lives.

Developing Mindfulness in Substance Abuse Recovery

Treatment does not just help a person get clean from drugs or alcohol, it prepares a person to live a life free from the addiction that has ravaged their lives. This includes developing skills to help prevent relapse and live a happy life without substance abuse. The Wellness Retreat Recovery Center knows that addiction is different for everyone, so we come up with specific plans for each person in treatment. This includes utilizing holistic methods like implementing mindfulness techniques and strategies. If you are ready to attend substance abuse recovery and develop your own mindfulness, please reach out for help. Call us at 1-855-762-3797 today to learn more about our programs.