What’s the Point of Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans?

What’s the Point of Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans?

Since there are many different approaches and methods to addiction treatment, you’ll come across a number of different terms treatment centers use to describe their treatment plans. One of these characteristics of treatment is an individualized or personalized approach. But, what exactly does an individualized treatment approach mean, what are the benefits, and is it important for your recovery journey?

Addressing Addiction as a Personal Experience

Every person’s story is unique. So, every person has their own unique story when it comes to addiction. Just like two siblings can have different perspectives about their shared childhoods, individuals can have completely different perspectives about their addiction experiences. Identifying these unique experiences is helpful for cultivating a treatment approach that better helps to provide for the specific needs of each person.

What are Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans?

Essentially, individualized treatment plans are addiction rehabilitation approaches that are designed to meet the specific needs of a patient. Unfortunately, there is no one type of treatment that meets all the needs of every individual. It’s important to choose a treatment plan that addresses the varying needs of a person. This may include identifying and confronting the underlying reasons for addiction in the first place. For example, a person who has developed addiction due to utilizing substances to deal with unresolved trauma must identify and confront this trauma during treatment to increase the chance of long term sobriety. So, an individualized treatment approach would be one which includes various therapies to address trauma and its impact on emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.

What are the Benefits of Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans?

What’s the Point of Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans?Along with providing a better chance for treatment success, there are other benefits of choosing an individualized addiction treatment approach. Some benefits of choosing a facility that incorporates personalized addiction planning may include:

  • A treatment plan that takes into account personal experiences of addiction that may affect a person’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.
  • Offers the chance to utilize a number of therapy outlets to address personal experiences with addiction.
  • Allows for a treatment facility that can help every individual, not just one type of individual addiction experience.
  • Provides for the testing, diagnosing, and treating specific mental, emotional, and physical health issues which may play a part in the addiction experience.
  • Allows for the treatment of addiction as a disease rather than a moral flaw, giving individuals a better chance at obtaining a lasting recovery.
  • Offers the chance to receive prescriptions designed to manage withdrawal symptoms associated with a person’s drug of choice.

Individualized Treatment Allows for Multiple Therapeutic Options

Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we strive to make addiction treatment plans that allow for the identifying and confronting of underlying causes of addiction. This is done by utilizing a number of different therapy options. At our facility, we offer both individual and group therapy sessions.

Individualized therapy sessions involve one on one counseling between the individual in treatment and an experienced addiction specialist. This way, individuals can work to address personal experiences which may have contributed to the development of addictive behaviors. And, work to change negative thought patterns which can attribute to relapse once treatment concludes. This way, individuals can develop the needed skills it takes to recover from addiction effectively.

Group therapy sessions involve group sessions with peers who are also working to overcome addiction and its associated behaviors. These sessions are guided and monitored by an addiction therapist to drive appropriate topics to result in appropriate goal setting and achievement. Sessions may include sharing individual experiences of addiction, interact with others in treatment, and work toward the development of healthy social skills needed for effective recovery.

Holistic therapies involve a number of therapeutic tools meant to help individuals heal from the symptoms of drug abuse. Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we offer a number of holistic therapies involved in personalized treatment including acupuncture, meditation, chiropractic care, and more.

Choosing Care That Includes Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans

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If you think that an individualized approach to addiction treatment is what you need to get on the path to recovery and a life free from addiction, you can find it here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center. Our luxury treatment center is geared for the personalized treatment of each person, which is why we only take 6 clients at a time. To learn more about our personalized approach to treatment and how to get started on the road to recovery today, contact us now.