How to Plan for Inpatient Rehab for Drugs or Alcohol

How to Plan for Inpatient Rehab for Drugs or Alcohol

Going to inpatient rehab for the first time is stressful. You likely have a lot of questions about what you are getting into. To make things a little better, we are going to tell you how you can best plan for rehab to make your stay the best it can be!

Planning for Success at Inpatient Rehab

Some people go to rehab once and find success. For others, they go to rehab twice, five, and even ten times until it finally clicks. Unfortunately, many people never achieve the sobriety they seek.

A huge part of successful rehabilitation lies in your own intentions. Easily put, you have to want to become sober in order to be successful. If you aren’t committed to recovery, you’ll go through the program in autopilot. After your stay, you may stay sober for a little while, but if you don’t keep working for it, you will recover.

This is why you’ll hear so many people say that they finally “were ready” to become sober. So, before you go to rehab, make sure that you are ready. Know that you are going to inpatient rehab for a reason, and it may be now or never. So many people need treatment and don’t get it. Consider yourself lucky to have the opportunity to spend time healing yourself!

Preparing for Inpatient Success!

When you are going to inpatient rehab, whether it’s for opiate treatment or otherwise, you have to understand that you will be unplugged from the real world for a while. This is to allow you to focus entirely on yourself, your addiction, and getting clean and sober. Plan ahead so that you can ensure that you are at ease during your stay. For example, make sure that work and family are taken care of. If you have a pet, arrange for it to be watched. The more you can plan ahead, the easier your stay will be.

Make sure you know what the facility allows and doesn’t allow. Certain common items like nail polish and hairspray are often not allowed because of the chemicals in it. You will want to bring items that make you comfortable like a favorite sweatshirt, your own shampoo, and other necessities. For a full list of what you can and cannot bring to Wellness Retreat Recovery, click here.

Know What to Expect During Treatment

Some of your biggest anxieties might come from not knowing what to expect. Rest assured that you will be in good hands. When you arrive on campus, you will be given a thorough medical and mental evaluation to establish a baseline for your care. You’ll be prescribed appropriate medication designed to help you through your detox phase. During detox, you will receive around the clock care and be monitored regularly to prevent any medical issues.

During detox, you will be allowed to take it easy while your body regenerates and gains strength. Once the worst of your symptoms are over, you’ll be expected to attend group and individual therapy, and to take part in general activities. You will be part of a loving, supportive environment where everyone looks out for one another. Your treatment will be tailor-made to suit your changing needs to ensure the best possible outcome for your stay.

There is no need to be afraid to go to inpatient rehab. While there will always be some anxiety around anything new that you aren’t used to, going to rehab is one of the best decisions you can make. Stay committed to making it work and you’ll end up stronger, healthier, and happier than you ever were before. With a little planning ahead, your first trip to rehab can also be your last!