Holistic Practices to Help You in Addiction Recovery

Holistic Practices to Help You in Addiction Recovery

There is no question that going to a medically supervised facility is essential to getting sober and starting your journey into addiction recovery. However, there are many holistic practices and healthy lifestyle changes you can make to help you along, and possibly minimize the amount of medication you need to take. Most treatment centers encourage these positive behaviors and spend a good time focused on teaching you healthy lifestyle modifications to help keep you on track. Here, we’ll discuss three things you can do in addiction recovery to help you stay grounded and on the right path.

Three Healthy Practices to Maintain Throughout Addiction Recovery

As we mentioned before, it won’t be enough to get you into recovery just to change your lifestyle. Sure, it will help, but getting professional help in a treatment center will help to get you through detox comfortably and to make sure you have all the tools you need to stay sober. These healthy lifestyle tweaks are only meant to supplement that and help you along.

Here are three things you can do to help your addiction recovery.

  • Eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. The power of food cannot be underestimated when you are trying to recovery from addiction and return to a healthy lifestyle. You truly are what you eat, so if you fill your body with junk, you will feel that way. The reverse is true also – if you fill your body with nutrient-rich food, you’ll feel much better, stronger, and have a clearer mind. In the beginning of addiction recovery, the right food can help to heal your body faster. Many addicts come into treatment severely malnourished and underweight as a result of drug or alcohol abuse. Getting the right nutrients back in your body, starting on day one, will help you recover faster and have a clearer, brighter outlook. After that, maintaining a healthy diet will help to keep you on track because you will remain focused on what is good for your body, and you’ll also feel and look much stronger and better overall.
  • Maintain an exercise routine. Exercise provides an outlet for any pent-up tension and energy you might have. It is something to do when you are bored, and we all know that boredom and idle-hands are one of the worst things for an addict. Along with a healthy diet, it will make you feel much stronger and clear-minded to help aid your recovery. Also, exercise naturally releases endorphins, giving you an overall more positive outlook on anything going on in your life. In early recovery and especially while you detox, you will be encouraged to rest more than you exercise, and this is to give your body time to heal and regain strength. After about a week or so, if you are medically cleared to work out, go for it! Find something you enjoy, whether it is running, yoga, or basketball – and you’ll be much more likely to stick to it.
  • Discover a creative outlet for your energy. During treatment, you will likely participate in group classes that encourage things like writing, painting, and listening to music. Allow yourself to completely get immersed in these classes, as they are meant to help you discover activities you enjoy that don’t involve drinking or drugs. These so-called “mindful activities” are meant to get and keep your attention so that you learn to focus on the moment, without allowing your mind to wander to dark places like getting high or drunk. It is incredibly important to live in the moment when you are in addiction recovery, so find something you like to do and can completely immerse yourself in so that the rest of the world around you disappears and you are only focusing on the task at hand.

Addiction recovery requires a combination of professional, medical treatment and developing holistic practices of your own to help encourage your body and mind to stay sober. With the right lifestyle modifications, you can be well on your way to a much happier and healthier lifestyle in just a matter of time.