Finding Gratitude Even in Drug Addiction Recovery

Finding Gratitude Even in Drug Addiction Recovery

If you have been in alcohol or drug addiction recovery for quite some time, you will agree that there are times where it becomes hard to appreciate being in recovery. This is called the recovery plateau. Much of your success in recovery happened in treatment and the early days of recovery. Those that surround you now know of your sobriety and recovery and it seems like the excitement has worn thin. During this time, it is important to practice gratitude so that the benefits of recovery can be recognized and relapse does not occur.

What is Gratitude

Before we can start to implement gratitude into daily life, we must understand what it is. Gratitude is a characteristic of thankfulness. Those that practice gratitude are thankful for even the downfalls in life because they are what made them who they are in the present moment. Gratitude is additionally showing appreciation for people, situations, and kindness that is shown toward you. Those that practice gratitude are at a higher risk to be content with their own lives and well-being.

Gratitude and Recovery

To be quite frank, recovery will most likely not be successful if an individual does not learn to incorporate gratitude into their daily life. If a person cannot be thankful or grateful for what they have in the present moment, how will they experience happiness? If a person in recovery is unable to experience happiness, the chance for a relapse increases with each day lacking contentment. Additionally, gratitude will help an individual in alcohol or drug addiction recovery realize how far they have gotten on their recovery journey.

For example, many addicts prior to treatment do not have many friends, close family, or opportunities because of their addiction priority. Those in recovery find friends, rediscover relationships with family members and take part in opportunities like jobs or schooling. If a person in recovery can look back and be grateful for where they have been because it got them to where they are, they will quickly understand that gratitude has shown them that their recovery journey has indeed been successful.

Tips to Practicing Gratitude in Alcohol or Drug Addiction Recovery

  • Those that aren’t grateful for their own lives find themselves comparing their lives to those of others. When you find yourself with envy because you are comparing your circumstances to another’s, try to find something to be grateful for. In most cases, people deal with things you cannot see, so you should focus on your own struggles and triumphs.
  • Being around negative people can bring about a negative mindset. To gain a mindset focused on gratitude, surround yourself with people who are grateful for their own path.
  • Meditating can help to bring a state of peace. Additionally, this state can help you realize your blessings so that you may count them. Counting your blessings will increase gratitude.