Getting Your Methamphetamine Facts Straightened

Get Your Methamphetamine Facts Straight

Getting your methamphetamine facts straight is important and often hard to do coming from unreliable sources. Methamphetamine is often called meth for short, and it is an extremely powerful and addictive stimulant. You might be familiar with the name Crystal Meth, which is just one form of methamphetamine.

No matter what, the most important thing to know is that meth is an extremely dangerous drug. It requires professional treatment to get over addiction to it and to keep you sober long term. It is important that you know the methamphetamine facts vs. lies so that you can make your own educated decisions about the drug and whether or not you need help.

Methamphetamine Facts Vs. Fiction

Meth is a drug that most people ingest by smoking, snorting, or injecting it. It creates an immediate, intense rush that makes the user want more to achieve that same sense of euphoria. When you are high on meth, you feel happiness, a sense of well-being, confident, and energetic. Many people also use it to achieve weight loss, because your appetite is subdued as a result of ingesting meth. The high usually lasts for under ten hours.

Some of the key methamphetamine facts to remember are that:

  • Meth can and will destroy your health.
  • Meth is very illegal and will get you in trouble with the law.
  • Meth is highly addictive and can create a strong dependence.
  • Meth is one of the hardest addictions to treat and many meth addicts die as a result.
  • Meth will ruin your life financially.

Meth is one of the few drugs that can make you addicted the first time you try it. Many users report that they started by just wanting to give it one try, and all of a sudden they were battling a full-blown meth addiction. This drug is known to completely take over the user’s life, making them quit school or work. It is extremely difficult to quit using, which is why the only way to be successful is through proper treatment and rehab.

All drug and alcohol addictions affect a person’s outward appearance, but meth addiction is one of the worst. Users are known to pick at their faces for hours at a time, causing scabs, bleeding, and scars. Combined with the rapid weight loss that happens with meth addiction and a lack of interest in personal hygiene, this can make for an incredibly frightening outward appearance. And, active users often don’t realize they look so bad, it is the people around them who see it.

It is important to realize that meth use is never safe in any dosage. Neither is it safer to sniff it vs. inject it, or vise versa. It can cause overdose even in small doses, especially if you have recently tried to stay sober. Your body won’t be used to your decreased tolerance and as a result, you can easily OD. Even if meth doesn’t cause an overdose, it can send you into cardiac arrest or give you a dangerous irregular heartbeat. It can also cause sleeplessness, major anxiety and mania, and seizures. Its complete fiction that meth is EVER safe to take.

The most important methamphetamine facts to know are the dangers that come with doing it. It is never safe, never ok for your body, and it can cause a lot of long and short-term consequences. Methamphetamine is extremely easy to get addicted to, even after just one use. Always remember that, even if you think you are trying it “just this once”, it could turn into a lifetime of addiction.