Finding Comfort While in Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Finding Comfort While in Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Alcohol addiction recovery can be very difficult sometimes. It’s not always easy to work through all of the changes that come up during the recovery process. Sometimes, treatment and therapy can be completely uncomfortable. Ending one way of life in order to pursue another one can be very hard work. Detoxing from alcohol use and learning new coping mechanisms can definitely be uncomfortable for people in alcohol addiction recovery. This discomfort often keeps people from working towards a sober life. But, despite all of the things that are hard to deal with, it’s important to find a place of peace while in recovery. In a way, you must find comfort in the discomfort of recovery. Let’s talk about ways in which you can do that.

Acknowledging the Discomforts of Recovery

Finding Comfort While in Alcohol Addiction RecoveryThere are many things that can cause people to feel uncomfortable during treatment. It’s not a simple thing to move away from family and friends in order to receive treatment at a facility. Some people may feel lonely and afraid because they are far from the things and people they know well. It’s also uncomfortable to open up to therapists and fellow group members about your struggles. Addiction is hard to understand, even for the people who are struggling with it. So, this can make it even harder to talk about it with others. Often, people who are suffering from a substance abuse problem also deal with anxiety and fear. Those issues can carry over into the treatment process and people might feel anxious about the recovery journey.

Alcohol addiction recovery can also bring more uncomfortable feelings to the surface. While you were struggling with substance abuse, you may not have allowed yourself to feel. This is because substance use is often a method of escaping from negative emotions. It’s a coping method that a lot of people use in order to help them suppress things like depression, fear, anxiety, trauma, and so forth. But, those unpleasant feelings come back after the effects of the alcohol wear off. They especially come back during alcohol addiction recovery treatment. Since you are working on ending the addiction problem, you have to learn new ways of working through those negative emotions, without the use of alcohol. Now that you no longer have that way of escape, you have to deal with those emotions. Of course, this can be very hard to handle.

Encountering the Joy In the Pain

It’s true that alcohol addiction recovery presents a lot of challenges. It causes people to feel pain and difficulty. It’s natural to feel somewhat out of place, especially at the beginning of your treatment process. But, it’s important to become comfortable with the fact that things might be a little uncomfortable for you. You only need to remember that the pain is a sign of progress. You’ve done the right thing by seeking help for this substance problem. You will soon see the benefits of that choice if you just continue to work towards sobriety! Allow therapy to help you to face your feelings. Give yourself a chance to do more than simply “handle” the pain of your past. Allow yourself to actually heal from the things you’ve experienced. Also, remember that the discomfort you may feel right now will give way to the joy and freedom of sobriety. It takes time to work through this process. So, know that it’s okay to be patient with yourself. Finally, allow yourself to relax and enjoy the ride! You are literally moving from a life of pain to a new one that is full of peace!

Alcohol Addiction Recovery at WRRC

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