Why Family Therapy is an Essential Part of Treatment

Why Family Therapy is an Essential Part of Treatment

If you are a family member of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, you know what a horrible position it is to be in. Their addiction leaves you confused, anxious, heartbroken, and searching for answers. It is said that addiction is a family disease, and it is true. Sometimes, family members can suffer mentally even more than the addict themselves. This is one of the reasons that family therapy is such an integral part of addiction treatment.

Family Therapy Explained

Family therapy is offered as a part of treatment for drugs and alcohol. Family means anyone close to the addict – parents, siblings, spouses and significant others, children, and even close friends. Anyone who is an integral part of the addict’s life and who genuinely wants the best for the person. Once the patient enrolls in rehab, their nurse and doctors will be in touch with appointed family members. This is done so that you can stay in the loop on your loved one’s progress and be aware of any new developments in their course of care.

As part of treatment, you will get your own family therapy in order to make sure that you are as strong as you can be as you support your loved one through their recovery. This is both to help you and to help the person who is getting treatment.

You’ll benefit them by learning about yourself and your role in their addiction. You may not even realize that you have been enabling them, which can actually contribute to their addiction. Enabling behavior includes lying for them, giving them money and a place to stay, or justifying their actions. Family therapy can teach you how to be supportive of your loved one without crossing the line into enabling behavior. It can also teach you best practices to help your loved one thrive.

Family therapy will help you by giving you the tools you need to keep your head on straight. Without help, you can drown in the overwhelming pull of addiction. Having a family member addicted to drugs can be an all-consuming affair that literally dictates you entire life. Therapy will show you how to go about your own life so that you can still have fun and be as strong as you can be. We will also suggest groups you can join for further support, and help you to work through any issues.

Family therapy brings you together with the addict in sessions that are moderated by your therapist. They will help you process any negative past events and learn how to move forward. They will also allow you to bring up issues that have been an ongoing problem so that they can get solved as a team. Having a therapist present helps to regulate the conversation to make sure that emotions don’t take over. Fighting never leads anywhere – usually just to negative emotions that can cause the addict to relapse.

The goal of family therapy is to help prevent a relapse in your loved one, and also to make sure you are living a happy life that isn’t completely consumed by their addiction. An addict has a much stronger chance of getting – and staying – sober when they have a strong support system around them. In order to get the most out of treatment, it is essential that the whole family becomes involved so that they know what is going on at all times and how to best move forward. Being engaged will give your loved one the best possible chance at a happy and healthy future.