Family Involvement in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

The Importance of Family Recovery in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

It is important to understand addiction as a family disease. The addict is not the only individual who is damaged by the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Every relationship in an addict’s life is influenced by their addiction. If you have a loved one that is an addict you are probably scared, angry, and feeling hopelessness for the future. These emotions should be addressed and worked on so that the addict has the best possible chance of recovery success. The Wellness Retreat Recovery Center offers family recovery programs for friends and family of an addict in treatment. These programs include intervention, education, and therapy for all loved ones.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Intervention

We work with the family of an addict that wants to go to rehab just as much as we work with the family that needs intervention. More often than not, an addict has to be convinced to go to rehab. Intervention is a supervised and controlled meeting that addresses addiction in your loved one’s life. During this intervention, options for treatment will be made readily available. Intervention gives the addict an ultimatum and an option out of their addiction. Many times an addict will only seek treatment options if there is no other way to turn and rock bottom is in near sight. Unfortunately, it is often that this rock bottom is death for drug and alcohol abusers. To avoid this scenario, an addict is convinced by friends and family through intervention that treatment is the best option for them.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Family Education

Education about addiction is vital for the success of your loved one’s recovery. Without knowledge how are you to feel empathy for your loved one? Without empathy, an addict will feel that you do not understand how they are feeling. Family education will inform on how to practice positive speak, encouragement, and support for your loved one. Education will also help with the adjustment that all relations with an addict will have to address once treatment ceases. For example, important topics are discussed like boundaries that help give you the knowledge you need to recognize and change enabling tendencies.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Family Counseling

Group therapy sessions for families and other loved ones are offered once a week at The Wellness Retreat Recovery Center. During these controlled meetings, a counselor will address family issues that may have contributed to drug and alcohol abuse. By dealing with these underlying causes, the addict and family are given the opportunity to move on.

Get Help for your Family with a Planned Intervention

If you think that your family could benefit from family programs like those offered at the Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, please do not hesitate to reach out for help. Addiction recovery is different for everyone so we understand that some might hesitate to seek help. For peace of mind, we have created a very rare treatment guarantee. If you or your loved one that is administered into treatment complies with all of our recovery advice and performs all necessary steps for treatment but is unable to remain sober we guarantee a re-invitation to our facility at no cost. If you are interested in our Northern California alcohol detox and rehab center, please give us a call.