Suffering From the Effects of Trauma and Addiction?

Suffering From the Effects of Trauma and Addiction?

If you’ve been suffering from the effects of trauma, you have most likely encountered many challenges throughout your life. Trauma is defined as a disturbing occurrence or experience. Psychological trauma causes distress to the individual who is suffering from its impact. Often, people who have suffered from a traumatic experience deal with the effects of trauma for many years. And, in many cases, trauma leads to other issues. Some individuals turn to drugs or alcohol for relief from the effects of their trauma. Unfortunately, this frequent substance use can lead to substance dependence. And, after a person becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol, he or she may also become completely addicted to that substance. This means that not only is the person dealing with the effects of trauma, but it’s now co-occurring with addiction. Perhaps, this is the case in your life. If so, dual diagnosis treatment can help you.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment and How Can it Help Me?

Many people have never heard of dual diagnosis treatment. When you think about treatment for substance abuse, you may think about detox and therapy sessions that focus on helping people to overcome drug and alcohol addiction problems. But, when a person is suffering from addiction in addition to something like trauma, it’s extremely important for him or her to receive treatment that focuses on both issues. When you are getting help for a substance use problem, it is critical to make sure that the treatment does more than deal with the surface level of the problem. See, addiction isn’t just the physical use and abuse of drugs or alcohol. It’s also a mental and emotional connection to those substances. So, people who are suffering from substance abuse need to get treatment that will deal with the causes of the addiction problem, which might include trauma, depression, stress, or anxiety disorders.

Treatment should also deal with co-existing problems. Dual diagnosis treatment is a professional approach that helps people who are dealing with addiction and another issue. So, if you’re suffering from the effects of trauma as well as a substance use problem, this kind of treatment is the best one for you. This is mainly due to the fact that trauma could be one of the causes of addiction in your life. Treatment that focuses only on your substance dependence will only help the result, not the root problem. In other words, that kind of treatment will only help you to become free from alcohol or drug use without dealing with what caused that issue in your life. And, treatment doesn’t address the underlying causes of addiction, relapse becomes a big possibility. But, a dual diagnosis program works to deal with the causes of addiction as well as the substance problem.

Let WRRC Help You Overcome the Effects of Trauma

It’s not easy to overcome addiction. It can be even more difficult to get past this problem when there’s a co-existing issue, such as trauma. But, thankfully, professional treatment programs can help you to find freedom from the effects of these issues. So, if you’ve been struggling with the negative impact of a traumatic experience as well as alcohol or drug use, it’s time to get the help you need.

Here at Wellness Retreat Recovery Center, we are dedicated to offering professional treatment in an understanding and healthy environment. We understand the struggles and challenges that our clients are facing. So, we work to make the recovery process as comfortable as possible. If you need help finding your way to a life of peace and freedom, please contact us today.